Fourth of July: Fight for independence never over

From th e st art , my aim in writing th is column as your cou nt y ju dge ha s be en to keep the su bje ct matt er focused on county business.

My gu ess is that I’d lo se most of you pret ty quick if I started to ac t like I knew something wor th tell ing about th ings much beyond the borders of Mil am Count y.

So I’ve been think ing about what I could say about the Four th of Ju ly an d Americ an in dep en - dence that ha s to do with Milam County.

I thin k the answer is that what caused those gu ys bac k then to te ll the Br it ish to ta ke a hi ke is the sa me thing that most of us still feel ju st as strong ly about today about our country (oops, count y) here in Cent ral Texas.

We’d just as soon be lef t alone to run our ow n af fairs with as li ttle inter fere nce from the outside worl d as po ssi ble, such as from the “red coat s” in Austi n or Washington.

Government that governs best governs least and freedom means freed om to suc cee d as well as freedom to fail.

Governmenta l decisions should be made at the lowest po ssi bl e le vel by re present ative s of th e people most af fected by the decisions, and those that are elected to positions of responsibilit y should com mun icate and ke ep the people informed of what is going on and why as much as possible, so that they can dec ide whethe r to elect them again. We sti ll wa nt to be represented or else.

I like what ’s said in the ninth and 10th. amendments to the Constitution of the United State s

They state: “The enumeration in the Constitution of cert ain rights sha ll not be const rued to deny or dispa rage others retained by the people.” “The pow ers not delega ted to the United States by the Constitution, not prohibite d by it to the states, are re ser ved to the states respect ively, or to the people.”

The fight for in dependenc e is never over.

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