COUNTY COURT Warranty Deeds

Susa n Kay W illing ha m Phillips to George W. Malone and Irene Malone – J.A. DePena Survey A-43 (v. 1,175, p. 178).

Richard Thrasher Sr. to Gena Antill – Spring Creek Subdivision (v. 1,175, p. 181).

Michael F. Herzog Jr. and Laurel T. Herzog to Ferma Enterprises LLC – J.J. Liendo Survey A-31 (v. 1,175, p. 188).

Ferma Enterprises LLC, Peter Herzog, president, to Bobby Turner and Joyce Turner – J.J. Liendo Sur vey A-31 (v. 1,175, p. 193).

James Bar ker to Samuel J. Wright – Rockdale West Subdivision (v. 1,175, p. 219).

W.G. ( Gar y) Westbrook and Glenda Westbrook to Dominic Molinari Jr. – James Shields Survey A-323 (v. 1,175, p. 243).

Jerry A. Heitman and Carol Heitman to Jerry Heitman Revocable Trust (May 23, 2012) and Carol Heitman Revocable Trust (May 23, 2012), Jerry Heitman and Carol Heitman, co-trustees – two tracts, A.N. Green Addition, Cameron; Anderle Subdivision, Cameron (v. 1,175, p. 247, 259).

Robert Dean Stewart to Paul Myers III and Janette Daniela Gernandt – Shield and Hills Survey (v. 1,175, p. 251).

Anthony E. Towchik, Carmen C. Towchik and Melissa Santana, attorney-in-fact, to Judy Wilson – lots, West Cameron (v. 1,175, p. 303, 305, 307).

PeggyJan Limited Partnership, Michael Richardson, president, and Ultra Development Inc., general partner, to Henry Guerra and Vicky Guerra – Gabriel Crossing Subdivision (v. 1,175, p. 361).

Suzanne Matula and Lisa Sue Hammond to Vernon L. Robison – Hillyer Heights Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,175, p. 456).

Warranty Deeds With Vendor’s Lien

Abbie Annet te Dawson fka Annet te Brazille Welch et al to John C. Mayer and Kelsey J. Keene – Jackson and Liendo Surveys (v. 1,175, p. 317).

Agnes Marie Dupre et al to John T. Brooks – Hillcrest Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,175, p. 334).

Robert R. Robinson and Lindy E. Robinson – Jeremy Coldiron and Chelsi N. Coldiron – John Nolan Survey A-286 (v. 1,175, p. 483).

Daryl E. Roberson and Lauren N. Roberson to Amanda Nicole Carpenter and Wesley Chance Coldiron – Caffey Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,175, p. 498).

Hugo Ayala and Betty Ayala to Dennis R. Cooper and Jeannette M. Cooper – Westwood Subdivision, Rockdale (v. 1,175, p. 518).

Special Warranty Deeds

Audrey Lagrone to Ricky Lagrone – lots, Milano (v. 1,175, p. 241).

James Garland Barnett Estate, Sandra F. Barnett, independent executrix, to James Garland Barnet Residuary Trust, Sandra F. Barnett, trustee – Thompson and Frazer Surveys; Gilbert Cribbs Survey A-100 (v. 1,175, p. 363, 374).

James Garland Barnett Estate, Sandra F. Barnett, independent executrix, to Sandra F. Barnett – John J. Whitesides Survey A-67 (v. 1,175, p. 368).

Elsie Terry Theis Revocable Living Trust, Clayton Donald Terry, trustee, to Clayton Donald Terry and Stephen Dean Terry (v. 1,175, p. 406).

Stephen Dean Terry to Clayton Donald Terry (v. 1,175, p. 408).

Clayton Donald Terry to Stephen Dean Terry – two tracts (v. 1,175, p. 410).

Elsie Terry Theis Revocable Living Trust, Clayton Donald Terry, trustee, to Clayton Donald Terry and Stephen Dean Terry – two tracts (v. 1,175, p. 413).

Hilliard F. Smith Estate et al to Bill Rowell – William Moore Survey (v. 1,175, p. 468).

Special Warranty Gift Deed

Raymond Rydell and Anesta Rydell to Michael Landon Rydell and Emily R. Rydell – lots, Davilla (v. 1,175, p. 539).

Assumption Warranty Deed

Glenn Wayne Schneider to Sherry Denise Schneider – two tracts, B.P. Duncan Survey A-145 (v. 1,175, p. 459).

Mineral Deed

Constance C. Austin to DM Minerals Ltd. (v. 1,175, p. 265).

Memorandum Lease

Betty Jo Short to J&L Exploration LLC – James McLaughlin Survey A-36 (v. 1,175, p. 514).

Probate Cases Filed

Tracy Ly nn Chance applied for the Brandon James Petty Estate – letters testamentary (PR10865).

John Carter Zelisko and Michael Lynn Zelisko applied for the Nadine J. Zelisko Estate – muniment of title (PR10866).

DISTRICT COURT Civil Cases Filed

Texas Country Title vs. Harold G. Frank et al – other, contract (35194).

Classic Bank NA vs. Barry W. Mikulen et al – consumer/commercial debt (35196).

Milam County vs. Gar y Rober t Earle – tax case (35197).

Milam County vs. Edgar Davis – tax case (35198).

Milam County vs. Kirk Melvin Douglas – tax case (35199).

Milam County vs. Henry Alton Ferguson Jr. et al – tax case (35200).

Milam County vs. Antonio E. Juarez – tax case (35201).

Milam County vs. Larry R. Richter et al – tax case (35202).

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