Latest scams offer fake ‘big-name’ gift cards

Have you received your good fortune from Target saying your $500 gift card is ready for you to pick up?

Travis Yoakum found such a notice on his smart phone. The notice did not mention his name. The personal pronoun “you” was substituted for the proper name.

You need to watch for this notice claiming a Target giveaway and any variation that may invade your home.

Spinoff scams, using the same approach, are just as dangerous.

Copycat scams crop up, too. warns about a $500 Costco giveaway scam that hit Facebook users.

This scam issues links to a fake Costco website that takes you deeper and deeper into harm’s way.

This scam urges immediate response and requires your participation in a survey. Don’t participate in the survey.

Why not? Those that completed the survey did not receive any gift cards either, so why bother?

There are logical reasons for generic greetings. They address whoever is reading the message and the readers assume that the message is directed to them.

Remember the “giveaway scam” may come, supposedly, from McDonalds, KFC, Applebee’s, or Subway.

Information from points out the problems occur when provided links are activated. As a rule of thumb, it is better to go out of the provided website and you contact the people you want.

This will eliminate the false, look alike, fake, sound alike websites. Take time and get involved in doing as much good as you can.

The way you are greeted is important. It can give you clues about the opportunity just presented. Is it fact or fiction?

Another reason the individual’s name is not used, is because these crooks do not know them.

They “phish” for information revealing identities, then they are able to set their plans in motion. Just delete these messages and forget them.

Human nature pushes us in the direction of justice. We need to report these illegal actions so the culprit can be punished. We want to act immediately to stop these crimes, if possible.

At the very least, we would like to get them on the phone, or better yet, greet them face to face and give them a piece of our mind.

This would make us feel better, but the truth is, con artists have little shame, if any, so the tongue lashing would do little good.

Don’t waste your breath. Delete and forget is the best action to put this situation behind you.

Let’s keep talking about scams and the need to band together for our safety.

Word of mouth is a powerful weapon against scams, frauds, and other illegal activities. Let’s get’er done.

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