‘Re-shoring’ made in America: encouraging trend

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R eceived a neat publication the other day from the San

Antonio Manufacturers Association which contained a very encouraging article about “Re-shoring.”

It was written by Doug Carlberg, founder and CEO of M2 Globa l, who ex pla i ned t hat “re-shoring” is the repatriation of manufacturing to America from offshore. He notes this trend has actually been growing for about three years.

“For several decades,” Carlberg writes, “factories (and the manufacturing jobs that go with them) had been moving abroad to countries where labor and materials were cheaper.”

Around here, Alcoa certainly comes to mind with its vast investments to smelt aluminum in Iceland and Saudi Arabia, resulting in idled or curtailed U.S. smelters, including Rockdale.

“But,” Carlberg continues, “this trend has been reversing, as companies are building new factories in the U.S. or updating and reopening existing factories. The movement of manufacturing out of the U.S. was called off-shoring, which is the basis for the term ‘re-shoring’ to describe the current phenomenon.”

American companies began producing goods abroad because the costs of materials and labor were lower.

“Due to changes in the global marketplace and the difficulties involved in doing business from a great distance, these advantages are vanishing,” Carlberg believes. “Prices have increased in almost every facet of manufacturing including raw materials, transportation and labor. Low or inconsistent product quality also has compromised companies’ profits.”

And another point, he says, is that the U.S. government is offering financial incentives (such as tax breaks) for companies that do business in America.

Encouraging words, indeed.


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4. Leave a note on your door that says:


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Sounds like a plan. Be secure, all you good Reporter buddies.

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