You can purchase ‘nothing’ for $60 a year

Parents, do you know where your children are and what they are doing?

These questions are very important with all the dangers the innocent could face, if not properly supervised.

It is part of parenting, so parents are well within their rights to investigate items found in cell phones, magazines, diaries, or whatever to protect their children. These adults are responsible for providing, protecting and loving their children.

What about the flip side of the coin. Children, do you know where your parents are and what their involvements are?

Many parents find that they need support from their adult children. The elderly become very vulnerable and someone can easily take unfair advantages of people, with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or some other brain dysfunction.

Adult children should investigate the activities of their aging parents and they may end up providing, protecting and loving their parents.

An adult child noticed a letter from an insurance company selling water pipe insurance. The coverage runs about $60 per year. The letters are sent to renters, home owners alike because the sender of the mail has no idea who is getting the mail or much about the individual’s personal life.

The scare tactic is more effective in larger cities than in the rural areas.

In the cities some water meters may be found between the road and sidewalk. The pipe carrying water to the meter belongs to the water company.

The water pipe carrying the water from your meter to your house belongs to you or the home owner. In rural Milam County, neither sidewalks nor paved roads presents problems regarding water pipe repair. In some cases the water meter is located in the pavement under a manhole cover. It would be expensive to repair water pipe that connects under the roadway or on the other side of the road.

It makes little difference where the hookup is located if you are not able to make water repairs and must hire someone to replace the pipe.

It could be expensive. Is $4.95 monthly worth the peace of mind? Maybe yes and maybe no.

You must read the fine print. There are so many exemptions listed to the point you would be lucky to qualify for a claim.

A water plant employee of a city with the population of approximately 35,000 was asked how often did the pipes from the meter to the home, break? He guessed maybe three or four times a year.

Amy Bach, executive director of the United Policyholders, a watchdog for clients of Insurance Companies, noted that fine print excludes earthquakes, floods, sinkholes. These “acts-of-God (an accepted legal term)” are the main reason water pipes burst.

Bach added that on the first glance the $12,000 coverage should cover most needed repairs.

However, if you read the fine print, the coverage pays a maximum of $3,000 for four separate pipe breaks per year. The $3,000 may not cover the repair expense.

Before purchasing more insurance, check with your homeowner insurance provider and ask if the broken pipe is covered in your existing policy. Why buy unnecessary coverage?

This offer was made to a couple living in southwest Milam County, so watch for these opportunities.

The choice is yours, of course. Milam County TRIAD provides information, so seniors citizen members can make safe, sound decisions.

To purchase nothing for only $60 a year is like throwing your money down the drain. False security is not a $60 value either, is it?

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