Owners reminded: aerobic septic maintenance required

Milam County Health Director

The Milam County Health Department would like to remind citizens that a maintenance contract with a certified maintenance provider is required on all aerobic septic systems. As per Title 30 TAC Chapter 285.7(d) (2) it is the owner’s responsibility (not the maintenance provider) to submit a signed copy of the maintenance contract to the permitting authority.

The permitting authority for Milam County is the Milam County Health Department. In order for the contract to be valid it must be signed by both the homeowner and the maintenance provider. There are other things that are required to be on the maintenance contract.

As per Title 30 Chapter 285.7 (d) (1) OSSF Maintenance Contracts shall, at a minimum:

• List items that are covered by the contract.

• Specify a time frame in which the maintenance provider or maintenance technician will visit the property in response to a complaint by the property owner regarding the operation of the system.

• Specify the name of the maintenance provider who is responsible for fulfilling the terms of the maintenance contract (must be an individual, TCEQ no longer recognizes maintenance companies).

• Identify the frequency of routine maintenance and the frequency of the required testing and reporting.

• Identify who is responsible for maintaining the disinfection unit.

• Indicate the business physical address and telephone number for the maintenance provider.

When signing a contract with a maintenance provider please review it first. If the above things at a minmilam imum are not listed on the contract then the contract is not valid and you can therefore be cited for not having a valid contract. You should have the provider add these things to the contract before signing it.

Please also make sure that the person you have contacted is a certified maintenance provider. You can visit the Milam County Health Department website and click on the TCEQ link to find out the status of any maintenance provider or installer. The Health Department website is just click on the environmental protection link.

Failure to keep a current maintenance contract on file with the permitting authority is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500/each day. Maintenance Providers Maintenance for aerobic systems must be performed by a state certified maintenance provider.

All maintenance providers are required to send inspection reports to the permitting authority and owner within 14 days after the date the test is performed.

The maintenance provider must comply with inspection reports as outlined in the contract.

An inspection must be completed and an inspection report must be submitted once every four months at a minimum. Failure to inspect the system or provide an inspection report to the permitting authority is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500/each day for the first offense.

The maintenance provider could also face civil and administrative penalties, including losing their license.

If you have any questions about maintenance contracts or other issues please feel free to contact the TCEQ Designated Representative for Milam County, Kenny Schneebeli, at the Milam County Health Department, at 254-697-7039.

Celebrate World

Breastfeeding Month

Milam County WIC will celebrate World Breastfeeding Month on Aug. 24 with a reception at 313 N. Main, in Rockdale from 10 a.m. to 12-noon. In Texas, the World Breastfeeding Month 2012 theme is “Connecting communities: Strengthening support for breastfeeding moms.”

Every ounce of breast milk given to a baby improves health of the mother and baby. Breastfeeding offers advantages for your baby that cannot be matched by any other form of feeding. The benefits of breastfeeding begin from the first moments after you baby’s birth and last for many years.

This institution is an equal-opportunity provider.

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