MILAM COUNTY Courthouse Records

Susan K. Thompson to Leotis Q.
Miller – Terrall Addition, Block 6 (v.
1,177, p. 628).

Deed Without Warranty
Sarah Marie Ellis to Jesse Neves
– James Shields Survey (v. 1,177, p.

Warranty Deeds
Jesus Mora and Regina Mora
to Pedro Arriaga – Lot 1, Block 25,
Rockdale (v. 1,177, p. 630).
Norman Rickson and Sherri Rickson to Rickson 2012 Revocable
Trust (dated July 3, 2012), Norman
W. Rickson and Sherri D. Rickson,
trustees – A.W. Sullivan Survey A-326
(v. 1,177, p. 635).
Thomas Doss to Jesus Luna – Lot
11, Pieser Addition, Rockdale (v.
1,177, p. 677).
Brent Laywell et al to Luther D.
Hodge – W.W. Lewis Survey A-30 (v.
1,177, p. 773).
Nolan L. Green, attorney-in-fact,
and Mabel R. Clarke to Bonnie M.
Loeve – Lot 3C, Hudson Addition, (v.
1,177, p. 781).

David S. Watson to Raymond W.
Roberts and Shirley A. Roberts –
South Oaks Subdivision (v. 1,177, p.
Billy Andrews and Bonnie Andrews
to Betty Cranford – James Shields
Survey A-40 (v. 1,177, p. 876).
Betty Lou Cranford nka Betty Lou
Spence to James M. Rackley and
Sandra K. Rackley – James Shields
Survey A-323 (v. 1,177, p. 882).
Bacilio S. & Paz M. Frausto Revocable Trust (Dec. 14, 2005), Sisto
Lee Frausto and Benjamin Frausto,
co-trustees, to Roberto Saucedo –
Daniel Monroe Grant (v. 1,178 p. 143).
Norma A. Wallace Trust, John
C. Wallace and Eugene A. Wallace,
co-trustees, to John C. Wallace and
Eugene A. Wallace – Sterritt Dobbins
Grant (v. 1,178 p. 155, 157, 160).
Oma L. Glaser to Christina Strobo
– E.H. Boedeker Addition, Cameron (v.
1,178 p. 194).

Warranty Deeds
With Vendor’s Lien
Sarah Marie Ellis to Jesse Neves
– two tracts, James Shields Survey (v.
1,177, p. 725).
James M. Rackley and Sandra K.

Rackley to Betty Lou Spence – Hudson Subdivision, Rockdale (v. 1,177,
p. 886).
Errol B. Robinson, individually and
as attorney-in-fact, and Bessie Mae
Robinson to John E. Rhodes and Sandra L. Rhodes – two tracts, Coffield
Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,177, p. 900).
Cathy S. Skrhak Garbs to Richard
A. Boundy and Christa Boundy –
Sterling C. Robertson Survey A-52 (v.
1,178 p. 35).

Special Warranty Deed
Michael Wayde Hamby to Geraldine Yorek-Hamby – T.J. Chambers
Survey A-6 (v. 1,177, p. 679).
James Garland Barnett Estate,
Sandra F. Barnett, independent executrix, to James Garland Barnett Residuary Trust, Sandra F. Barnett, trustee
– Joseph P. Jones Survey A-28 (v.
1,178 p. 5).
Dustin Denman to Martha Denman – four tracts, Newton-Johnson
Resubdivision (v. 1,178 p. 152).

Special Warranty Deed
With Vendor’s Lien
Cwabs Inc. Asset Backed Certificates Series 2007 BC3, Bank of New

York Mellon fka Bank of New York,
trustee, to William Austin Dodds –
Thomas J. Chambers Survey A-7 (v.
1,177, p. 655).

Correction Warranty Deed
Fred & Joann Haas 1997 Family
Trust, Fred Haas, trustee, to Cranford – James Shields Survey A-40 (v.
1,177, p. 879).

Substitute Trustee Deed
Allen James Krenek, substitute
trustee, and Rebecca Forrester to
Nadine Frances Krenek Janicek and
Alan James Krenek – Terral Heights
No. 2 Addition, Cameron (v. 1,177, p.

Royalty Deed
Constance M. Rodgers to Caple
Royalty Services – Daniel B. Friar
Survey A-21 (v. 1,177, p. 830).

Owelty Deed
Jennifer Fesler fka Jennifer Lynn
Huf to Harry J. Huf Jr. – John F. Guthrie
Survey A-175 (v. 1,177, p. 849).

Memorandum Leases
Mary Lou Kerr Lifetime Trust,

Wells Fargo Bank, trustee, to Etoco
LP – Edwin Caruthers Survey A-5 (v.
1,177, p. 670).
Tamara Brown Neal to Etoco LP –
A.H. Boles Survey A-101 (v. 1,178 p.
Ironstone Ranch Properties Ltd.,
DMB Investments Inc., general partner, David M. Burg, president, to Etoco
LP – three tracts, Boles and Hawford
Surveys (v. 1,178 p. 104).
Gilbert M. Turner Estate, Lillian
T. Porter, independent executrix, to
Etoco LP – three tracts, Boles and
Hawford Surveys (v. 1,178 p. 107).

Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases
Ruth Ann Garrison to Etoco LP –
Thompson and Sullivan Surveys (v.
1,178 p. 75).
Jeremy B. Gaston and Angela D.
Gaston to Etoco LP – A.W. Sullivan
Survey A-326 (v. 1,178 p. 78).
Mary H. Bates fka Mary E. Bates to
Etoco LP – A.W. Sullivan Survey A-326
(v. 1,178 p. 82).
Ashley Amanda Shockley fka Ashley Amanda Payne, Rebecca Deeann
Payne, Deborah D. Millar fka Debbie
D. Payne to Etoco LP – A.W. Sullivan
Survey A-326 (v. 1,178 p. 85).

Billy Anderson Cunningham Jr.,
individually and as executor, and Jim
Lou Stewart Estate to Etoco LP – A.W.
Sillaven Survey A-326 (v. 1,178 p. 89).
Clayton Ray Garrison and Mary
Carol Garrison to Etoco LP – B.R.
Thompson Survey A-359 (v. 1,178 p.
Norman Gail Davidson and Dorothy
Davidson to Etoco LP – A.W. Sullivan
Survey A-326 (v. 1,178 p. 95).
Lauranne L. Pierce Wilson to Etoco
LP – A.W. Sullivan Survey A-326 (v.
1,178 p. 98).
Rickey W. Blagg and Leta J. Blagg
to Etoco LP – A.W. Sullivan Survey
A-326 (v. 1,178 p. 101).

Probate Cases Filed
Elbert Howard Brown Jr. applied
for the Elbert Howard Brown Estate
– letters testamentary (10876).
Shirley Miller applied to John Darrell Lee Estate – letters testamentary

Civil Cases Filed
GE Capi t al Bank vs. Mathis
Moore – consumer/commercial debt

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