Here’s a guide to city’s new RV ordinance

Last week, the city council passed an ordinance regulating recreational vehicles (RVs) within the city limits.

Below are some questions about the ordinance and their answers.

If your question isn’t included, please call me or Lon Williams at 512-446-2511.

• To what kind of RV does the ordinance apply?

The ordinance applies to a portable home designed as a temporary dwelling for travel and recreational and vacation uses.

Examples include but are not limited to: Pickup campers, travel trailers, camping trailers, motor homes, converted buses, self-powered motor homes, and tent trailers.

• Does the ordinance prohibit recreational vehicles?

No. The ordinance restricts the location for parking recreational vehicles within the city for no more than 72 hours every six months unless a person has an exception to the ordinance.

• What are the exceptions to the ordinance?

The following are exceptions to the ordinance: Locations where recreational vehicles are manufactured or sold provided they are located in a C-2 “Commercial-Intense” or I-“Industrial” zone.

RVs located on a lot where the owner of the RV resides (if the RV owner owns a vacant lot next to their residence, they may park a RV on the vacant lot). RVs in a recreational vehicle park. RVs which are customary with traveling circuses or carnivals.

Special circumstances where the city manager has given approval for temporary placement of the RV (such as a construction site).

• If I have a recreational vehicle at my home, are there any restrictions?

Yes, you cannot park the recreational vehicle on a public rightof way, alley or easement.

• Can I park my recreational vehicle on the street?

A recreational vehicle can be parked on the street as long as it is being actively loaded or unloaded (such as preparing to go on vacation) or for up to 12 hours.

• If I have guests come for a visit and they have a recreational vehicle, are they allowed to have it in the city limits?

Yes. The ordinance allows visitors or house guests to have a recreational vehicle so long as it is not on the premises of the person they are visiting for no more than seven days.

• Can I park a recreational vehicle on a vacant lot?

No, unless you reside on the property adjacent to the vacant lot and own the vacant lot.

• Can I or someone else live in a recreational vehicle?

The only time living in a recreational vehicle is allowed is if the recreational vehicle is located in a recreational vehicle park.

• What is the penalty for violating the ordinance?

Violations of the ordinance are punishable by fines of up to $500 per day and each day the offense occurs is a separate violation.

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