Bible: life’s highway


I n the Black Hills of South Dakota, 23 miles from Rapid City, stands Mount Rushmore, a shrine to democracy, a monument to our country’s birth, growth and ideals.

Looming 500 feet above the landscape, sculpted in granite by Gutzon Borglum and 400 workers between 1927 and 1941, are the 60-foot likenesses of four great Americans: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt.

Several years ago a family vacationing in the area decided to visit the memorial. They had heard that the faces could be seen for over 50 miles through the lofty pines along the approaching highway.

But driving the tortuous winding road, try as they might, they could see nothing. Then suddenly they found themselves at the base. High above loomed the magnificent faces of the four great American presidents. To their chagrin the visitors learned that they had come in by the back door!

As they drove back the “front way,” they turned to glimpse the great faces framed by trees and tunnels. But now the breath-taking views were anticlimactic. Driving up in front of the park cabin where they were staying they saw a large sign giving clear directions. What a difference it would have made had they only read the sign.

Life is a lot like that. Haven’t you found it so? Quite often we dash out on the highway of life and rush along guessing as to the right direction or asking for direction from the wrong sources. Little wonder that we wind up at the wrong destination or miss the joy and pleasure of the trip which could have so easily been ours.

Life’s highway is posted all the way. We need only to be receptive. We have the Bible to which we may turn. We have the life lived by the Carpenter of Nazareth and his teachings which are clear and plain. And if we will be still and listen there is the voice of God speaking to our hearts.

Ever before us are God’s silent billboards if we will only stop and look. Signs pointing us to the heights of the Christian life, challenging us onward and upward to the very best as God has planned. Rev. Nichols is Minister Emeritus of First Christian Church, Temple, where he was senior minister for 23 years before retiring. He writes a religious column for several newspapers.

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