What was Harold Lee doing in Fredericksburg?

Neighbor Grover sez if Jimmy cracks corn and nobody cares, why is there a song about it? W hat was Harold Lee Parsley Jr., Rockdale’s resident entrepreneur of Pepper Puppies, Texas Fajitas and all things chicken, doing on the cover of the entertainment section of a recent issue of the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post?

Oiling a tractor, that’s what.

Yep, oiling a tractor. Check out the photo at right.

The Reporter has always exchanged subscriptions with that fine weekly and we read it even closer since son Ken is now its editor/publisher.

The photo on the front of the entertainment section really prompted a double-take.

“Peggy,” I exclaimed, “guess who’s on the cover of the entertainment section this week?”

Did local entrepreneur really enter a tractor show? Did local entrepreneur really enter a tractor show? “Who?” she asked.

“Well, see for yourself,” I said and handed her the section.

“Harold Lee!” she blurted. “What was he doing in Fredericksburg?”

We also showed that photo to Bob and Geri Burnett. Same reaction. “That’s Harold Parsley!”

Okay. Confession time. It’s not Harold. But the guy is a dead ringer. The photo promoted a tractor show about to happen. The man’s name was not given.

It is said that we all have a double somewhere. Harold has one. We’ve got it documented.

Back in 1958 in Fort Polk, Louisiana, some buddies told me I had a double. “No kidding, Cooke,” they said, “he’s a new second lieutenant in the company.” Being a Sp4 at the time, I did see him a couple of times while I was pulling KP in the officers’ mess. I’ll have to admit, the resemblance was remarkable.

I sincerely hope he outgrew it.

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