MILAM COUNTY Cou rthou se Reco rds

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
Brent A. Stutts and Ashley R.
Stutts to Connie J. Hammack – J.J.
Acosta Grant A-1 (v. 1,179, p. 555).

Warranty Deeds
Evangelina Maldonado to Cynthia
Llanas – D. Monroe Grant (v. 1,179,
p. 354).
Virginia Heine, agent and attorneyin fact, and Ruby Achtruth to Allen J.
Hejl and Jean S. Hejl – lot, Thorndale
(v. 1,179, p. 398).
Alicia d. Vincent Trust et al to CJJ
Minerals Ltd. – Miguel Davilla Survey
(v. 1,179, p. 409).
Juanita Cepeda to Johnny R. Arp
and Abel Cepeda – Woodlawn (v.
1,179, p. 418).
Alva Ruth Smith to William Roy
Smith and Debrah Eileen Stull – two
tracts, Milam and Williamson Counties
(v. 1,179, p. 531).
Ruperto Mora Perez to Jaime Martinez Mora – Wallis Addition, Rockdale
(v. 1,179, p. 553).
Jack W. Kyle and Gloria J. Kyle to
Wilson & Gloria Kyle Trust (Aug. 22,
2012), Jack Wilson and Gloria M. Wilson, co-trustees – seven tracts, De La
Garza and Sullivan Surveys; and A.W.
Sullivan Survey (v. 1,179, p. 572, 576,
Brian D. Stork to Donald Pimpler
IRA, Equity Trust Co., custodian – Gartner’s Addition, Cameron (v. 1,179, p.
Roy A. Smith and Jacqueline S.

Smith to Bar F Bar Ranch LLC (v.
1,179, p. 765).
Karen Pelzel to Anthony Ray Lara
and Gina Renee Lara – four acres,
James Coryell Survey (v. 1,179, p.
Secretary of Housing & Urban
Development to Donald E. Bates and
Sharon A. Lipani – Lot 59, Northwood
Estsates, T.J. Chambers (v. 1,179, p.

Warranty Deeds
With Vendor’s Lien
Alexander Eugene Stevens and
Mlissa Stevens to Richard Gray Chamberlain and Mary Jane Chamberlain –
Juan Jose Acosta Survey A-1 (v. 1,179,
p. 357).
Arthur J. & Edna L. Von Gonten
Von Rosenberg Family Trust (1980),
Glenn A. Von Rosenberg, trustee, to
Robert Baez and Cirilo Baez – Burns
First Addition, Cameron (v. 1,179, p.
Fred C. Bounds and Sandra D.
Bounds to Reynaldo Mata – William
Allen Survey A-72 (v. 1,179, p. 761).
Donald L. Shiller and Donna G.
Shiller to William B. Sizemore III and
Dawn R. Sizemore – 34.626 acres,
John Guthrie Survey A-175 (v. 1,179,
p. 413).

General Warranty Deed
William Austin Dodds and Southwest Milam Water Supply Corp. –
Thomas J. Chambers Survey (v. 1,179,
p. 658).

Correction Warranty Deed
Helen Richter to Raymond K. Richter Jr. – J.J. Acosta Survey (v. 1,179,
p. 813).

Warranty Deed Gift
Eugene E. Janke and Rose Marie
Janke to Sherrill E. Lambert and
Cynthia E. Reiss-Riley and Celeste
E. Arms – 95 acres, David Mumford
League (v. 1,179, p. 732).

Special Warranty Deeds
Samuel Walker Jr. to Thelma L.
Walker – Lot 1A, Hudson Addition,
Cameron (v. 1,180, p. 3).
Bank of America National Association, Wells Fargo Bank NA, attorneyin fact, to Secretary of Housing &
Urban Development – Francisco De
Los rios Survey A-302 (v. 1,180, p.

Special Warranty Deeds
With Vendor’s Lien
Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance Inc.
to Todd Anthony Babin (v. 1,179, p.
Fannie Mae aka Federal National
Mortgage Association, Brice, fvander,
Linden & Wernick PC, attorney, to
Jeremy Wayne Hoskins – Lot 28,
Block A, Mutual Lumber Co. Addition,
Thorndale (v. 1,180, p. 12).

Cemetery Deed
City of Cameron to Mrs. Marcus
Maldonado ­– Lot 1C, Row 1, Sect. 3,
Oakhill Cemetery (v. 1,179, p. 306).

Gift Deeds
Linda Cotten Gallahan to Larry W.
Richardson Jr. – two tracts, Wells and
Bigelow Surveys (v. 1,179, p. 560).
Clyde Hargrove Sr. aka Clyde L.
Hargrove and Barbara J. Hargrove to
Clyde Lilburn Hargrove Jr. and Jason
Jenkins – Juan Jose Acosta Eight
League Grant (v. 1,179, p. 566).

Mineral Deed
John Scott Runge to John Scott
Runge and Emily M. Runge – 2,578.9
acres, Fernando Rodriguez Survey (v.
1,179, p. 730).

Mineral Royalty Deeds
Anita K. Rauch Kotlen fka Anita K.
Rauch to Robert S. Rauch (v. 1,179,
p. 413).
San Saba Royalty Co. LLC to Conco Royalty Co. LP – S. Vincent Survey
A-372 (v. 1,179, p. 481).

Quitclaim Deeds
Mary Edith Forrest Johnston to
Judy Gray Johnston (v. 1,179, p. 720,

Memorandum Leases
S&V Partnership, Harry Vowell,
managing partner, to Sabine River
Energy LLC – John Dunlap Survey
A-140 (v. 1,179, p. 511).
Woodrow Burgess Jr. and Mary E.
Burgess to Sabine River Energy LLC –
J. Cottle Survey A-129 (v. 1,179, p.
William A. Belt III and Jo Ann Martin

Belt to Sabine River Energy LLC
– A.W. Sullivan Survey 1/3 League
A-326; six tracts, James Shelton
Survey A-318; Bowen and Chapman
Surveys; Jose Leal Six League Grant
A-29; three tracts, James Dunn Survey A-146; S.Y. Reams Survey A-312;
Eli Williams Survey A-380; four tracts,
Vincent, Veighton and Dunn Surveys
(v. 1,179, p. 513-522, 524-525,
John Scott Silverthorne to Sabine
River Energy LLC – 26.737 acres,
James Shelton Survey (v. 1,179, p.
David K. Chester et al to Sabine
River Energy – 186.597 acres, James
Dunn Survey A-146 (v. 1,179, p.
Texas Osage Royalty Pool Inc.,
James A. Cauthorn, president, to
Viceroy Petroleum LP, Viceroy Petroleum GP LLC, general partner, and
Matthews Ferguson, president (v.
1,179, p. 413).
Patricia Lou Moody to Sabine
River Energy LLC – 55.697 acres, J.
Cottle Survey A-129 (v. 1,180, p. 40).

Oil & Gas Lease
Willard L. Ferguson to Viceroy
Petroleum LP (v. 1,179, p. 788).

Oil, Gas & Mineral Leases
Gilmer E. Gaston and Norma E.
Gaston to Etoco LP – 6.065 acres,
A.W. Sullivan Survey A-326 (v. 1,179,
p. 887).
Jacklyn M. Caveny to Etoco LP

– 70 acres, Henry Hawford Survey
A-216 (v. 1,179, p. 896).
Young Mineral Holdings LLC,
Thomas W. Young, manager, to XTO
Energy Inc. – 140 acres, James
McLaughlin Survey A-36 (v. 1,180,
p. 1).

Probate Cases Filed
Tashena Butler applied for the
Weslie Duane Hicks Estate – determination of heirship, independent
administration and letters of administration (10883).
Gary E. Morgan applied for the
Lanelle Hayman Estate – letters testamentary (10884).

Civil Cases Filed
American Express Bank FSB vs.
Something Special et al – debt, contract (35294).
Prosperity Bank vs. James R.
Birkhead – debt, contract (35295).
Tonesha Braziel et al vs. Dr. Almas
Yousuf M.D. et al – injury, damage,
medical (35304).
TLC Staf fing LLC vs. Citizens
National Bank (garnisher), Wells Fargo
Bank NA (garnishee) and Rockdale
BlackHawk LLC – consumer/commercial debt (35307).
Environmental Rental Service Ltd.
vs. Arkansas Energy Services LLC –
consumer/commercial debt (35312).
Environmental Rental Service Ltd.
vs. MWC Global LLC – consumer/
commercial debt (35313).

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