We are truly thankful for the opportunity that we have each and every day to serve as “difference makers” in the lives of our students. As we continue to work together to make our school district a better place to be, we find ourselves in situations that seem one way and then upon gathering more information, provide us with a completely different perspective.

Since the school year is only a week old I want to provide our community with the goals that were set last December by our Board of Trustees.

They are listed as follows:

1. Provide high performing campuses resulting from quality and effective instruction, coupled with high expectations for all stakeholders in the Rockdale educational community.

2. Through meaningful relationships, educators will engage students at their individual ability and interest levels in order to appropriately prepare all students for their future.

3. Hire and retain a highly competent and committed staff of educators.

4. Motivate parents and community members to be engaged partners in educating all Rockdale ISD students.

5. Appropriately communicate educational change and district restructuring to parents, staff, community and students.

The wording in the goals provides a descriptive direction for our district. In the next week our district will begin a process of Strategic Thinking that will include several community members, parents, and educators. The purpose of this process is to develop academic plans for the future of our school district and the future of our students.

We will use our goals, our Vision and our Mission as guiding principles in our work. It is imperative that we as a community understand what we want for our students. We will be asking and answering questions such as, “Are we about engagement or do we consider compliance with mandates to be sufficient?” or “Are we focused on our students’ learning at profound levels or are we pleased if students learn just enough to pass the standardized tests?”

As we move through this process of Strategic Thinking it will be evident that our goals will be intertwined with our work and the products or our work.

Our district will have one intention: to be a world class school system in our global environment where every student is a learner, every learner is a graduate, and every graduate is a success.

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