“I didn’t see any brisket,” said the very Bad Dog.
Kathy Cooke

I hope you got to go out and enjoy some of the City-Wide Garage Sales on Saturday. It was a beautiful day to do anything outside.

I helped with the sale at St. John’s UMC. We only have this sale every other year.

We got there at about 5:30 a.m. and by 6:30 we had our first customers. Luckily, I had eaten some breakfast early that morning.

Around noon, someone brought some BBQ brisket to the church and we scarfed that, along with some cheese. It made a great, quick lunch before going back to work on the sale.

The rest of the afternoon I day-dreamed about that brisket. I was going to go home and make brisket quesadillas, yummy and easy. Plus we had some guacamole and fresh salsa in the refrigerator already.

By the time we finished cleaning up and I drove home, I was tired and ready to eat!

I walked into the kitchen and couldn’t believe what lay before me. Apparently the brisket had gotten home before I did and was left on the kitchen counter.

Our dog was laying on the floor in front of the TV. Her stomach was so big that she had to lay partially on her back, in order to be as comfortable as possible. You know, after eating such a big meal!

Okami is big and she must have stood up on her hind legs and pulled that sack onto the floor. Then tore through the plastic bag, the brown paper, and finally the white butcher paper, which she evidently decided to eat with the meat.

So, no brisket.

I looked at that dog and told her she was lucky I was so tired.

She was like “Yeah, could we discuss this later. I am trying to take a nap now.”

I love quesadillas and so did my girls growing up. And now my grandson loves them too.

The way I make them is quick and easy.

Melt a little butter in the bottom of a skillet. Take two flour tortillas, putting one down in the pan, then add the filling.

I use whatever we have, chicken fajita meat, baked chicken, leftover roast. (You could also use steak of course, but I have never actually had any left-over steak at my house!)

I usually saute some onion, green peppers, mushrooms, whatever I have. Then I use grated mozerella cheese.

Top all of that with the second tortilla, flip when the bottom one gets brown but make sure the cheese has melted everything together so it dosesn’t all spill out when you flip it.

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