‘Oust city leaders before Rockdale is destroyed’

Dear editor,

“We The People,” the first three words in the Constitution, are probably the most abused and neglected words in the English language, for “we the people” are the most ignored and lied to persons on the planet.

The Rockdale City Council can’t even agree on the rules of procedure for conducting meetings properly, thus the reason for the recent meeting to change those rules and give the mayor total control over agenda items.

Why? Because of complaints from some council members concerning the length of council meetings, which tells me they don’t really care about this town, or their job as a council member.

This is very easy to remedy. Resign and let someone run for city council who actually cares enough to take the job seriously and do it properly.

Now our council has decided to pass a 5-cent tax increase because the city employees need a 9-percent across-the-board increase, and there is need to replace equipment.

This increase could have been avoided, or lessened, by spreading those items out over the past 3-1/2 years and financing the equipment purchase for a longer period.

But, instead, is was necessary to include them at this time and do everything at once, despite the fact they had to know this was going to be necessary in the future.

Also, the city has decided to purchase a $525,000 certificate of obligation without asking us, the citizens, for permission.

For the city to borrow this amount, it should have been put before the voters.

This will be paid for by, once again, raising water rates for the citizens by 5 percent. The city council, and most employees, are exempt from paying water bills.

This town is in pitiful shape. Schools are downgraded because they can’t meet standard and are under the scrutiny of TEA overseers. Buildings are totally decrepit and falling down, roads are deplorable and water is useless for any purpose.

On Saturday, I went to the Caldwell Kolache Festival and couldn’t help thinking how something like this would actually help bring revenue to Rockdale and then I realized this will never happen.

We hired these people to do a specific job and, so far, they have not done that job to our satisfaction, having done nothing for this town but having done everything possible to this town.

Most of the ordinary citizens I have talked to agree the town cannot afford a tax increase at this time but, as usual, are ignored.

It is time to fire the city council, mayor and city manager if we even hope to save this city.

I believe it is too late and this disaster will be the final nail in the coffin of the city of Rockdale.

I sincerely hope that we the people of Rockdale have had enough of this nonsense and will get fed up enough to do something about it.

We have the power to oust this ineffective city government now in control of our city and try to salvage at least a part of it before it is completely killed and destroyed.

Use your voice and vote in the city elections and save our town.

Be careful to actually vote for a candidate who actually cares about the city and its residents.

Glenn Landrum
1401 Highland

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