Door-to-door questioners legit as city seeks $275,000 grant

If someone comes to your door saying they are taking a survey for the City of Rockdale and needs some information about your family income, it’s true.

The city is trying to earn a $275,000 Texas Community Development Block Grant and the doorto door survey is part of the application process.

City Manager Kelvin Knauf said the city is hoping to win a grant to pay for some extensive sewer line upgrades throughout several sections of Rockdale.

Such grants are only awarded to low and moderate income areas and that’s where the survey comes in.

“We must show that the areas of Rockdale where we want to spend the grant money are areas in which low to moderate income persons reside,” Knauf said.

That’s why city representatives are going door to door.

“That’s also why we’re asking questions about household income,” Knauf said.

He said residents aren’t required to answer questions but city officials are asking for their cooperation in an endeavor which will benefit the neighborhood.

“We want to be sure everyone contacted knows that this is a legitimate survey. It actually is the city asking these questions,” Knauf said.

“Everyone from the city, taking this survey, will identify themselves and will have the proper credentials,” he said. “If anyone comes to your door and does not show identification, that person is not affiliated with the city of Rockdale.”

Areas being surveyed range throughout Rockdale but all are north of Cameron Avenue (US 79).

Sections being surveyed range from far eastern Rockdale, to an area of North Central Rockdale east of Green to an area north and east of the juniorhigh to a section near downtown.

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