Some county roads get permanant driving surfaces

The four commissioners and the precinct road crews have been busy these past few weeks working together to permanently surface several sections of roads around the county.

In Precinct 1, in the Pettibone area, the eastern part of CR 215, CR 201, CR 202A, and CR 206 were paved.

In Precinct 2, the western part of CR 235 and 235C just north of FM 487 were paved.

In Precinct 3, CR 380 and the northern part of CR 329 west of Milano, were paved.

In Precinct 4, part of CR 420 north of San Gabriel and part of CR 440 southeast of Thorndale were paved.

The chip seal process was utilized with two layers of oil and rock being applied.

This process costs approximately $25,000 to $30,000 per mile for material not including cost of preparation with just under 10 miles total being done this time.

Using the Texas glue material that I mentioned in a previous article is proving to be a good way to prepare these graveled roads for permanent surfacing according to the commissioners.

We have purchased some good equipment this past couple of years that has enabled us to do this work effectively ourselves.

Commissioner George Tomek in Precinct 1 provides the asphalt distributor truck, Commissioner Jeff Muegge in Precinct 4 has the chip spreader, and all four precincts provide the necessary rollers, end dump trucks, and so forth.

By working together and sharing equipment the four crews have our efforts toward permanent road improvement moving forward even with a limited budget. As I’ve mentioned in the community communication meetings these past couple of weeks, my goal is to find new sources of revenue in order to be able to increase the Road and Bridge (Precinct) budget by as much as one to two million dollars in the near future.

This will accelerate this effort to get permanent surfaces on all of our main county roads.

Thank you to our commissioners and road crews for the progress they are making working together to permanently surface more of our county roads.

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