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Warranty Deeds
Florence Virginia Walker Bohn and
John Parker, attorney-in-fact, to Francisco Calvillo – F. Rodriguez Survey A-3
(v. 1,181, p. 67).
Billy Edgar Martin and David Gene
Martin to Gwendolyn Van Cleave and
Clyde Phillip Van Cleave – W.W. Lewis
Survey A-30, Cameron (v. 1,181, p.
Peggy Ann Herrera to Louis Dellerman Jr. – lot, Revised Praesel
Subdivision (v. 1,181, p. 80).
Sarah Bowers to Mary Ann Lopez
– lot, Woodlawn Addition, Cameron (v.
1,181, p. 152).
John Paul Backhaus to Fred L.
Debault and Freddye S. Debault – lot,
Coffield Addition, Section 4, Rockdale
(v. 1,181, p. 182).
Vickie Elaine Caffey, Diane Ebenholtz fka Thelma Diane Dorton and

Tish Todd fka Letitia Michelle Cleveland to Nancy Coleman – Smith Ackerman & Green Addition, Rockdale (v.
1,181, p. 206).
Sidney Samuel Spiller and Etta
Rhena Ross to William Tyler Bartlett
III – James Lewis Survey A-233 (v.
1,181, p. 317).
Annie Bell Taylor and Johnnie Taylor
to Cullen Mancuso and Patti Mancuso – James Walters Survey A-65 (v.
1,181, p. 335).

Warranty Deeds
With Vendor’s Lien
James Ferguson to Geri Alexander
and Shawn Alexander – lots, Coffield
Addition, Section 2, Rockdale (v.
1,181, p. 136).
Rockdale Town Oaks Apartments
LP, Lankford Interests LLC, general
partner, and Claudia Lankford, manager, to Chad Pyeatt – Town Oaks

Addition, Lot 7, Block 4, Rockdale (v.
1,181, p. 253).

Special Warranty Deeds
Toledo P. Boulware, attorney-infact and individually, and Cecil C.
Boulware to CCB Land Partners Ltd.
– William E. Harris Survey (v. 1,181,
p. 97).
Toledo P. Boulware, trustee, to CCB
Land Partners Ltd. (v. 1,181, p. 100).
Wanda Olene Agee to Will H. Agee
– Jose Leal Survey A-29 (v. 1,181, p.

Assumption Warranty Deed
With Vendor’s Lien
Will H. Agee to Wanda Olene Agee
– Jose Leal Survey A-29 (v. 1,181, p.

Cash Warranty Deed
Mark E. Leach Trust et al to

Stanley N. Fisher and Rebecca Fisher – George Ussery Survey A-369 (v.
1,181, p. 195).

Substitute Trustee Deed
Faye Pecht, substitute trustee, and
Tracy Pannell to Certificateholders of
CWABS Inc. and Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2006-19, Bank of New
York Mellon fka Bank of New York,
trustee – lots, Rockdale (v. 1,181, p.

Quitclaim Deeds
Sheila Gaile Hopson Knapek to
Anthony Joseph Knapek – Miguel
Davila Survey A-13 (v. 1,181, p. 126).
Denice Irl Morton to John Wayne
Morton – Mary Michalk Addition,
Thorndale (v. 1,181, p. 391).

Executor’s Deed
Edith R. Andrews Estate, Lorraine

Leone Andrews, independent executrix, to Lorraine Leone Andrews –
block, Carlow Addition, Cameron (v.
1,181, p. 95).

Grant Deed
Lytle Family Children’s Trust, Rae
Allison Pearcy, trustee, to Zoya Katherine Pearcy Trust, John Owen Pearcy,
trustee – Smith Vincent Survey (v.
1,181, p. 130).

Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases
Robert W. Rose and Louise Rose to
Etoco LP – A.W. Sullivan Survey A-326
(v. 1,181, p. 186).
Dannye Lynn Thomas to Etoco
LP – Henry Hawford Survey A-216 (v.
1,181, p. 189).
Kathy A. Butler to Etoco LP – Henry
Hawford Survey A-216 (v. 1,181, p.
Gloria P. Pedroza and Jesus R.

Pedroza to Slawson Exploration Co.
Inc. – John Dunlap Survey A-140 (v.
1,181, p. 382).
Wayne K. Love and Susan K. Love
to Slawson Exploration Co. Inc. – A.J.
Jones Survey A-226 (v. 1,181, p.

Probate Case Filed
Don Ray Porterfield Jr. applied for
the Loretta Kayle Porterfield Estate –
letters testamentary (10889).

Civil Cases Filed
Milam County vs. Mid-Tex Transportation – tax case.
Milam County vs. JJ Gooden et
al – tax case.
Milam County vs. V K Griffin et
al – tax case.
Milam County vs. Annie Ivory et
al – tax case.

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