‘Dog dumper’ could have found home for animals

Dear editor,

In response to Shirley Beason’s letter (Sept. 27 Reporter), I would like to make a few comments.

I totally agree with her about how some people are cruel about God’s creatures.

It happens so much and it shouldn’t.

Two little puppies, left to fend for themselves, scared and also with no way to find food and water, which are so essential to their lives.

There are several opt ions for people to find a home for unwanted animals.

They can find a loving home for them by placing an ad in the paper, or they can take them to an animal shelter.

It broke my heart to think what can happen to the puppies who are too young to find their way to someone to care for them.

To throw away two little puppies like trash is about as cruel as anyone can be.

I don’t hate people, but I do hate what they do, to hurt or neglect their responsibilities with animals, especially two young puppies that may not find anyone to feed and water them.

You may say “spend your money on hungry people.” I do that, too, so I do not feel guilty about my feelings when I see a hungry dog with all its ribs showing.

I know that animals don’t have souls but they do have feelings and I can’t turn the other way.

Sally Brumbelow
515 Holly Drive

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