Home protection tips given in annual meeting

Milam County TRIAD held its general membership meeting last week.

Kerry Spears, Milam County District Attorney welcomed the attendees. Jarrell Elliott and John Sheffield, of Cameron based American Legion, Post 9 presented the colors.

Jamie Larson, president of Milam County Retired Teachers, read the American Creed and Susan Larson led the pledges to the national and state flags.

Randy Dixon, Cameron Chief of Police gave the opening prayer, then used a Power Point program to point out ways for law officers and the general public to interact.

Do you know how so many cars are stolen in Milam County?

When doors are unlocked and the keys are in the ignition vehicles get stolen. Cars not stolen had the windows up, the doors locked, and the owners took the car keys with them.

Also, if your car is unlocked, and you have your garage door opener in plain view, you might expect a visit from the county’s skillful burglars. Your house may invite criminals to target your residence. Here are few things to notice at your house.

Earl Whitmore (L) visits with John Sheffield during TRIAD meeting. Earl Whitmore (L) visits with John Sheffield during TRIAD meeting. Are the shrubs high and bushy? Would you be able to detect someone hiding there?

Thieves love the dark. Is your house well lit at night?

What about the landscape at your home? A re there places where evil people can hide and wait for their perfect moment to grab your valuables and run?

Take a few minutes and view your place from the entrance way, then walk away, turn around and look, use your critical eye to spot places that could conceal dangerous crooks.

Do you have peepholes in the front door? Does your door have deadbolts? Doyoukeepyour doors locked? If you do, then the chances of harm coming your way are diminished.

If your neighbors are doing these things and you are not, your place will attract the evil doers.

Chief Dixon advised citizens to be s afe r ather t han s orry. C all 911 if you feel threatened or in danger. Itismuchsaferforthe law enforcers checking out your concerns rather than you. the necessary skills to deal with societies criminal elements.

Chief Dixon has an excellent program and he is willing to take it on the road. Rockdale Chief of Police Thomas Harris and Sheriff Greene have offered their services as well.

Crime prevention is easier than crime solving and cheaper on taxpayers too.

In the closing remarks, it was pointed out that the MCT quality programs help citizens to learn ways to protect themselves.

It is up to the individual citizen to take advantage of opportunities planned for their personal safety and protection.

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