Reader recalls working on Kay’s construction

Neighbor Grover sez if Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why did they write that song? Here’s a voice from out of the past, an email from Lawrence Tucker of Fairfield (a transplanted Rockdalian) who had read our recent column on the Kay Theater Foundation’s ongoing restoration efforts for the old downtown venue.

Hello Bill,

Reading the (Kay Theater story) part in last week’s Reporter, it brought back some memories.

I couldn’t tell you what year the Kay was constructed; however, Jack Kyle Sr. was the contractor. They used a dozer to do the dirt excavating down to a certain level. Then, along the lower part of the walls we used a pick and shovels to get ready to set forms for the concrete.

I don’t remember what grade I was in at that time. However when I say “we,” that consisted of Elbert Brown, his brother William (Bill) Brown, and myself, L. A. Tucker.

And yes, the movies were 9 cents and Mr. (C.W.) Matson over at the Dixie Theater charged about the same.

If you find out what year this took place please let me know.

Laurence Tucker

Lawrence, research in The Reporter conducted by Geri Bur- nett on behalf of the Kay Theater Foundation found movie advertising for the theater started in 1947. The construction period could have begun in 1946, although there were no stories found on that. The last advertised movies at the Kay were in 1958.


Last week’s column on Burma Shave road signs from the old days prompted this response from Charlotte Herron, office manager over at Temple College of Taylor:

“I grew up in the north (got here as soon as I could), and though none of yours rings a bell, here are some others I remember seeing:”

Don’t try passing on a slope Unless you have

a periscope. —Burma Shave

Thirty days has September April, June, and the speed offender. —Burma Shave

And here’s one more I remember from my childhood:

You can beat a mile a minute But there ain’t no future in it. —Burma Shave

A mile a minute is 60 mph, of course. What would the signs say today with the new 85 mph speed limits on some of the toll roads?

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