The Fair’s Fried Food Fare Fast and Fabulous!

Charlie McBride lives in the Austin area now but we still claim him as one of our own since he was so active as a Rockdale Tiger when growing up. He is now a football referee (not his day job) and was in Dallas last weekend and took in the Texas State Fair, also know as the Fried Food Capitol of Texas.

You know they have a contest each year to find the dumbest thing ever that can be fried and that is the winner. One oldie you remember was in remembrance of Elvis (sorry if you think he’s still hanging around) was the ever popular peanut butter and banana sandwich breaded and fried, also fried bacon cinnamon roll, fried butter, fried Oreos, Snickers, Twinkies and fried cheese cake.

The winner this year was fried jambalaya and I don’t know how they did that. This year they also had fried mashed potatoes with brown gravy, fried pickles (not new, I don’t think) fried Frito Pie and fried beer— you had to show an ID to try the fried beer. Charlie tried several of these and also the fried guacamole which he said was “plum gross!” Oh, and they also had fried corn dogs which have been around for a long, long time. I think I had a corn dog the last time I attended the state fair many moons ago.

Everybody’s getting ready for the 37th annual Rockdale Fair and Rodeo which is almost here (Oct. 18-20) and we have to go to see what they have fried up for our fair. I believe they did have fried catfish last year and it was delicious and I remember the fried pies (or were they baked?) they used to make at the clubhouse but I don’t remember anything “plum gross” that’s ever been fried here at home.

But get your tickets and get on your boot-scooting duds and let’s go see just what they have. It’s always fun and you won’t have to eat anything “plum gross,” I promise.


You probably think I am going to have a recipe for a really good fried something but I’m not. I don’t have any recipes where anything has to be fried by me and if I get hungry for something fried, I just go to a local restaurant and order it.

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