MDD shouldn’t compete with local businesses

Dear editor,

I read the front page article in the Oct. 4 Reporter announcing the economic recovery strategy for Rockda le by t he Municipal Development Dist r ict (MDD) board. The MDD has received $279,443.39 in 2011 and $246,263.85 year-to-date in 2012 in tax dollars to use for economic development in and around Rockdale.

The MDD cur rent ly has $458,133.73 in its account. Part of my business is to build buildings and develop land on the east side of Rockdale.

In fact, one of my current 4,000 - square-foot buildings that I lease to GFL is going to be vacant sometime in 2013.

I currently pay $2,134.16 in taxes on this land and building per year. I see that the MDD plans to build a 5,000 to 10,000 square foot building and hope that it attracts a business to Rockdale.

Why d oesn’t t he M DD b uild a motel and restaurant, staff it with people and go into competition with the existing businesses in Rockdale?

I’m being facetious here!

Point being, the private sector will build the necessary buildings for new businesses and bear the costs and pay the taxes just like they always have.

I’m writing this to bring this plan into awareness before this building(s) is built.

What I see happening is that the MDD w ill build a 5,000 square foot building t hat is too small and then the MDD will have to build onto it or if they build a 10,000 square foot building, it will be too big and the new business will only want half of it and will want to pay taxes on half of it.

Then what? I don’t think the MDD should be competing with existing businesses.

Perhaps the MDD could use some of their money to advertise in area publications, papers, etc. that there is land and builders available in Rockdale that will build to suit any new businesses needs.

Gordon Todd
372 North US Hwy 77

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