So, they’ve mailed you $3.6 million in cash

Milam County residents are receiving e-mai ls from “ Worldwide Forwarders Security Packers.”

Visit this website for more information: showthread.php?t=71969 It also prints many versions of the email opened in Cameron.

The recipient is instructed to contact “Mr. Andrew Success.” Other names connected with the same scam Home Roji and Zuman Balanji.

Each e-mail started with the same salutation: “Attention My Dear.”

You are informed that your consignment worth 3.6 million dollars in cash was deposited in the WFSP office two days prior to a package being sent to you.

Stop and think about what is being said. This company deposited the $3,600,000, then two days later a package is being sent to you. The package was shipped today. Are they wrapping this money up, putting it in some package and having a diplomat deliver it?

Why not send a check? A check is more easily concealed and safer.

If the check is lost or stolen, a stop payment order would prohibit anyone from cashing the check and absconding with the funds.

The supposed name of the diplomat is “Mr. Ephrem Benko.”

He needs to receive either your passport or ID card, your full name, address, the nearest airport to you, and your telephone number to avoid having this treasure being delivered to the wrong address. Wait, did we miss something? The company sought to verify the recipient’s identification to safeguard delivery to the United States, but before anyone had a chance to respond with the requested data, the money was shipped.

Wouldn’t it be better to verify the correct name and address prior to shipping this large amount of money?

Under the itemized list of the recipient’s personal data is “tracking information” which includes the diplomat’s e-mail address and a tracking number.

A brief message of urgency explains that the schedule for this transaction requires immediate and quick response time.

A common tactic for con artists is to add pressure with some excuse to hurry. It is a “red flag” waving to get our attention so we will think before we act. Education is the best way to keep Milam County scam free. Let’s work together to make Crime Prevention Month in Milam County meaningful.

It is safer and much less expensive on taxpayers to prevent crime rather than investigating, arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating bad people for crimes they commit.

You need to plan programs with crime prevention as the main focus.

Do you want to contact some law officer in Milam County to present a program to your group?

Here are the telephone numbers you can call:

Sheriff David Greene 254-697- 7033; Cameron Police Chief Randy Dixon 254- 697- 6574; Rockdale Police Chief Thomas Harris 512- 446-3436.

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