Fake orphan-to-be will ‘inherit’ $8 million

The story about “Paula Vein” is so tender and sweet it grips your heartstrings.

A young woman, 19, lost her father 3 years ago of a diseased heart. Currently Paula’s mother has been given 3 weeks to live.

Where will she live? How can she cope? She has family living in Malaysia but each does not trust the other. “Paula” feels that after her mother dies, she will be alone in this world.

To add more, Paula’s father, Dr. Dennis Vein, was managing director of the Peninsular Gold Mine Company. Dr Vein did some prospecting as well plus her mother was the senior lecturer at the Segi University until she was diagnosed with brain cancer.

It seems “Paula” has few friends willing to help her during these stressful times. Then a thought enters her head. She will contact you. Maybe this should be qualified. She will contact your e-mail address along with no telling how many others.

The e-mail opened with the catch- al l salutation: “Hel lo Dear”.

If “Paula” is seeking some security, why would she invite a stranger in a foreign country to solve her problem?

What problem? She will inherit 150 kg of gold plus some cash.

The gold is worth $414,172.16 Does it seem reasonable for someone to place such trust in strangers?

Would you want to pack up and leave your native land, if you lacked self confidence?

This situation seems so outlandish, surely no one would respond, would they?

Here are the answers to the questions:

No. 1—Nope.

No. 2—Nope.

No. 3— Yep.

Everyone wants to win a lottery or find a nest egg on the ground to insure financial security.

Each person has a hint or more of greed and the fact that these emails are so plentiful is good indication of the con artists’ successes.

Roselee Mondrik of Cameron simply said: “I can’t believe people would fall for this.”

She agrees that it is important to share these scams to prevent harm to Milam County residents or anyone else that subscribes to the newspapers or finds articles on the Internet.

She is appreciated for sharing this scam and for her concern for Milam County citizens.

October is closing fast.

MCT urges all Milam County residents to focus on crime prevention this month. It is a time to stress the importance, to the young, middle age, and elderly to be law abiding.

When a crime is committed, we all lose something. When a crime is prevented everybody gains. Think about it.

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