They picked her e-mail address out of 3 trillion

The notice informing a Milam County resident she had won $2 million in the “Yahoo-Microsoft Promo,” was a pleasant surprise because she did not enter the contest.

Another surprise came when it was learned neither Yahoo not Microsoft sponsored such a promotional.

The e-mail maintains the lottery was organized by “Yahoo/Microsoft Online Board in conjunction with the National Postcode Lottery.”

Her e-mail address was supposedly “pulled out of the tumbler leaving all others.”

Over 3 trillion e-mails accounts have been established in the world.

The message begins with “Dear e-mail owner.” You are to reply with the basic personal data to verify the claim: Your name, address, occupation, age, sex, nationality, country of residence, and telephone number. Replies are sent to a Hong Kong e-mail address.

Is it any wonder that con artists escape local police departments through this maze of different locations? The e-mail is generated in United Kingdom, you receive the email in Milam County and you reply for more information by making contact with someone in Hong Kong.

What law enforcing agency would have jurisdiction over these areas? It would involve the FBI, the CIA, and local police departments. Many of you may not know about the “Postcode” lottery which maintains U.S. mail volume got so high that postcodes needed another system. The Zone Improvement Plan (Zip code) system was enacted.

It seems that these scammers mixed postcodes and Zip codes in their data pool.

Just above the closing signature is a short thank you note to Bill Gates and associates asking him to accept a hearty congratulations, then the closing by Pamela Ann Bandara (Mrs.) in This scam is widespread. Its form has been changed somewhat but the evil intent is the same in them all.

Watch for it and delete it, if it arrives at your house.

Tell others what to do, when they get this scam.

Working together we can keep Milam County a safe place to live.

Milam County TRIAD is working for you. MCT is an organization designed to open lines of communications within our communities.

Let’s make good use of it.

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