Butter pecan still on Blue Bell assembly line

A t my advanced age (let’s say, approximately 54), I have noticed that a lot of the products that I have used my entire life, no longer exist.

Now, not that I’m a big ice cream consumer, but in the last couple of months, I have not been able to find my beloved Blue Bell butter pecan ice cream.

Butter-y. Pecan-y. Mmmmmm...

When Blue Bell recently came out with its red velvet cake flavor, I bought the former cheerleader a gallon that she absolutely loved.

However, with a look I have never seen before nor since, she warned me to never buy her that ice cream again. I was afraid, very afraid.

As has been the history of products and footstuffs that I consume, I was concerned that the “little creamery in Brenham” was no longer producing the ice cream of all ice creams.

I was forced to get a pint of Haagen Dazs butter pecan. Needless to say, it wasn’t the same.

Would I be forced to buy some BP out of a van or in some back alley somewhere?

Putting on my investigative reporter hat, I turned to—what else?—the internet.

When I typed in Blue Bell-butter pecan, there actually were several inquires as to what happened to the buttery nectar of the gods.

On blogger was from Louisiana.

“Did Blue-Bell butter pecan ice cream go away?”

“It’s still listed as a flavor on their website,” someone answered.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and get to the bottom of this and went right to the source.

Surprisingly and refreshingly, Blue Bell headquarters was devoid of a robotic phone tree and an actual person answered the phone.

I demanded to see the man in charge.

Instead of connecting with voice mail, yet another live person.

Taking my inquiry in stride, Blue Bell spokesman Bill Weiss quickly assured me that butter pecan is still on the production line, if not at a slower pace.

He reminded me that a lack of rain in 2011 has diminished the usually plentiful Texas pecan crop, thus causing a slow down in production to uphold the integrity of the product.

“Because of the drought last year, there has been a pecan shortage, but we still make the product,” Weiss explained. “If the ingredients are harder to come by, we could use less pecans or smaller chunks, but we don’t want to do that. We want the high quality we have always had.”

You have to take Weiss at his word. He’s a Brenham boy who worked at the Blue Bell factory while attending high school and Blinn before graduating from Texas A&M.

He’s also responsible for those clever Blue Bell television commercials.

“It’s still a flavor and it’s still available. It has been a popular flavor for us for a long time.”

Weiss assured me that the pecan market is about to loosen up, which means the freezers will once again be filled with that decadent delicacy.

Now if someone could only bring back Tang...

The 5ive

Here are the five craziest names given to flavors of ice cream:

1. Aqutak—Alaskan substance made of whipped fat,
berries, sugar, and leftover
2. Chubby Hubby—Fudge
covered peanut butter.
3. Phish Food—Chocolate
with gooey marshmallow
swirls and fudge fish
4. JalapeƱo Lime Ice—Hot
5. And just for we Texans,
Candied Bacon. Can you get
this at Sodolaks in Snook?

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