Just run over to Africa and pick up your $6,000

Earl Whitmore, a Rockdale resident and treasurer of Mi lam County TRIAD, received an email from Canada.

The notice explained how funds would be sent to him. Earl is to pick up the first $6,000 from the Western Union office in Cotonou, Benin (Africa).

Then payments are received on a daily basis, starting today, and each day that follows until the full amount of 1.6 million dollars is collected.

“Frank Mmoughalu” is the contact person. A telephone number is given for victims to call and an email address which would take a response to India.

“Daniel Taylor,” from the government office payment, signed the e-mail. There is no telling where “Taylor” lives.

Let’s run through this.

The e-mail sent from Canada, arrives in Rockdale to notify Mmoughalu in India and Earl is directed to stop by the Western Union office in Africa to pick up his first payment of $6,000. How can these crooks be prosecuted for what they do? Real names are not used. Unless money was sent to the con artist, no crime was committed?

Granted, it is a major aggravation for those spotting the scam. Serious problems develop when people respond.

They place their finances in harms way, plus it alerts the criminals to pass the information to other crooks.

It is like placing a big “X” on their door which will attract even more scams to appear via telephone, computer, letter, face to face contacts or any other method that comes to mind.

Use whatever method needed to distance yourself from the attempted scam.

You should hang up the telephone, delete the message on your computer, tear up any letter received through the mail, or slam the door in the face of those brazen enough to approach their victims face-to-face.

The e-mail is not a regular runof the mill offer. This one is more elaborate than most.

You open the e-mail to find three windows f lipping dollar bills continuously.

The Western Union logo is displayed which makes the scam seem authentic. It definitely gets your attention.

Western Union is anxious to save its business reputation and avoid being used for criminal activities.

The company closed some locations which were identified as a hotbed for scams.

The best deterrent for avoiding any scam is education. It is very important to know the “red flag” alerts which give out “beware” signals.

Telling others about scams and what to expect will make these fraud attempts less effective and you will be helping yourself, family members, friends and others.

Now that you have read this article, you will recognize the scam, if it finds its way to you or your house.

Milam County TRIAD appreciates citizens, like Earl, that are willing to share information on scams, frauds and pitfalls.

Earl Whitmore goes above and beyond in serving his community. He is a faithful member of the Milam County TRIAD’s S.A.L.T. council and he serves as its treasurer.

He has held this office for over 10 years and is the only treasurer MCT has had.

Milam County, Texas is a safe place to live and MCT’s purpose is to provide information to protect Milam County senior citizens. Pass the word.

You can make a difference. Never underestimate your positive influence on others. You will be glad you did.

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