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I t is essential that our stakeholders hear about the good things that are taking place in our District. Many times people either don’t hear what is going on or they hear it incorrectly. In this age of “social media” people sometimes post whatever they want to say without knowing the entire story. Even some elected officials will write or say something to meet their parties’ agenda even if it is not completely true.

Public education has taken quite a few hits through social media posts and political agendas. Some of the criticism is fair and some is unfair. Let’s focus on the good things our students are doing and work together to improve on the things that are not so successful. Here are a few of the good things.

Juan Rubio, the young man from Rockdale High School that I mentioned in last week’s article who is the District Cross Country Champion for the third consecutive year qualified for the State Cross Country Meet on Saturday. This will be Juan’s second trip to the state meet.

The district’s enrollment seems to have settled for at least a couple ofyears. Wehavearound 1590 students enrolled this year, which is a larger number of students than we anticipated. This is encouraging news for our district and our community.

Even though I mentioned it last week, please check out our “WeekinReview.” Itisa video that captures pictures of students and staff during each week. You can find the video on our website or access it through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Next Monday, we will celebrate Veterans’ Day at 1 p.m. at Tiger Stadium. All Rockdale ISD students will participate in the honoring of those people who have served our nation to protect the freedoms that we enjoy. This is different than what we have done in the past, and it promises to truly be a wonderful celebration. Please come out to celebrate with us.

Our district continues to work toward transforming our schools to provide learning environments where students are engaged in profound levels of learning. Several months ago, I described the need for a shift in how we educate students.

One of our goals is to move away from the focus of teaching to pass a test to engaging students in profound levels of learning. Our belief is that if students are engaged in lessons that require critical thinking and deep levels of learning then they will also be prepared to answer test questions. More importantly, they will have the skills that will help them to be more prepared for their future.

Currently, we have a District Design Team that has met several times and continues to design the work that will enable our district to move from good schools to great schools. This team is composed of district and campus leaders, community participants and parents.

Our campuses are also developing their Design Teams as we move t hrough this y ear. T heir teams are made up of teachers, district stakeholders and campus administrators. These teachers and administrators have engaged in professional development that is focused on transforming schools and engaging student work. They will have collective meetings towards the end of November.

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