Warranty Deeds
Faye Carter to Juan Sanchez – Northwood
Estates Subdivision (v. 1,183, p. 807).
James Garland Barnett Residuary Trust,
Sandra F. Barnett, trustee, to Sandra F. Barnett, individually – John Whitesides Survey
A-67 (v. 1,183, p. 838).
A. Paul and Ernestlea Williams Trust, A.
Paul Williams, trustee, to A. Paul Williams,
individually (v. 1,184, p. 66).
Warren L. Matous and Laura L. Matous to
Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. – Linwood
Acres, Section 1, Rockdale (v. 1,184, p. 329).
Glenda Carole Johnson to Steven Scott
Johnson et al – Clemons and Davis Surveys
(v. 1,184, p. 501).
Agnes Camp Estate, Carolyn Burke, independent executrix, to Steven Tomek – Jose
Antonio DePena Survey A-43 (v. 1,184, p.
Myra Jean Jistel and Annie Mae Jistel to
Alva Ray Mullinax and Donna Faye Mullinax
– Sarah Wilhelm Survey A-69 (v. 1,184, p.
Martha Schigut to Stanley Schigut – Martha Rogers Addition, Cameron (v. 1,184, p.
Billy C. Graham and Joy Graham, trustees,
to Billy Clark Graham Joint Tenancy and Mary
Joy Graham Joint Tenancy (v. 1,184, p. 573).
Ferma Enterprises LLC to Michael F. Herzog Jr. and Laurel T. Herzog – 4.963 acres,
J.J. Liendo Survey (v. 1,184, p. 584).
Michael Herzog Jr. and Laurel T. Herzog to
Bobby Turner and Joyce Turner – 10 acres,
J.J. Liendo Survey (v. 1,184, p. 588).
James Curtis Brymer and Kelly Brymer to

Kenneth Biehle and Darlene Biehle – James
Hunnum Survey A-195 (v. 1,184, p. 664).

Warranty Deeds With Vendor’s Lien
Rusanne Gregory to Joseph Arthur Gregory
Jr. – Praesel Subdivision, Section 2 (v. 1,183,
p. 841).
S&V Partnership, Harry Vowell, partner, to
Craig Cook and Elizabeth Coleman – Sterling
C. Robertson Survey A-52 (v. 1,183, p. 903).
William C. Dewees to Charles Forehand
and Laurie D. Forehand – Jose Leal Six
League Grant A-29 (v. 1,184, p. 74).
Deborah Vann Self-Directed IRA, Citizens
National Bank, custodian, and Mary Keith
Story, trust officer, to Rachelle Corona –
Martha Rogers Addition, Cameron (v. 1,184,
p. 95).
Dennis Marek and Monica Marek to
Michael B. Arning and Karan K. Arning –
Francisco Antonio de los Rios Survey A-302
(v. 1,184, p. 105).
Allene Paris to Roger W. Baggerly and Lori
L. Baggerly – J.R. Stevens Survey A-30 (v.
1,184, p. 214).
Amy Lynn Benge et al to Stanley J.
Budnick, Jerry Schafer and William Budnik –
George Dampkin Survey A-139 (v. 1,184, p.
Denis J. Bigwood Revocable Trust (Oct. 20,
1998), Denis J. Bigwood and Peggy Bigwood,
trustees, to Tierra Natal LLC – Justo Liendo
Survey A-31 (v. 1,184, p. 297).
Thomas P. Sims and Mary Catherine Sims
to Bradley S. Jones and Angelee Jones –
James Robertson Survey A-301 (v. 1,184,
p. 314).
Rebecca (Burkhart) Stuart and Donald R.

Stuart to Arthur J. Mills and Germa Mills –
Sterling C. Robertson Survey A-51 (v. 1,184,
p. 418).
John L. Fisher and Kay D. Fisher to Barbara A. Black – lots, Linwood Acres, Section
2, Rockdale (v. 1,184, p. 476).
Sharon Lucko Skupin, individually and
as attorney-in-fact, et al to Troy Mode and
Dolores Mode – Charles Martin Survey A-244
(v. 1,184, p. 672).

Special Warranty Deed
Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to
Chris Gerren – Linwood Acres, Section 1,
Rockdale (v. 1,184, p. 331).

Special Warranty Deed
With Vendor’s Lien
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to
Darrel W. Parisher and Barbara Parisher –
Jose Leal Survey A-29 (v. 1,184, p. 163).

Assumption Warranty Deed
Cedar Creek Condos Ltd. and Cedar Creek
Management GP to Glockzin Ranch Properties
Ltd. – 963.438 acres (v. 1,184, p. 560).

Special Warranty Gift Deed
Edith Barron to John Earl Barron – W.W.
Lewis Grant Survey (v. 1,184, p. 135).

Warranty Deed Gift
Leonel Carrasco and Patricia Carrasco to
Leonel Carrasco Jr. and Maricela Carrasco –
lot, Block B, Cameron (v. 1,184, p. 287).

Special Warranty Mineral Deed
Holloway Energy LLC and Jon B. Holloway

to HX Royalty LLC (v. 1,184, p. 344).

Correction Deed
Elsie I. Clawson Estate, David Clawson,
independent executor, to Eileen Westerfield et
al – James Lewis Survey (v. 1,184, p. 192).

Quitclaim Deeds
Kingman Energy LLC, Michael D. Smith,
president, to CSI Energy LP – Thompson and
Chambers Surveys (v. 1,184, p. 11).
James Thomas Copeland and Debra J.
Copeland to Judith Copeland Farley – Lot 9,
Coffield Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,184, p. 381).
Earl Ray Lewis Estate, Loyd Gene Ragan,
executor, to Connie Seelke – Burnett Addition,
Milano (v. 1,184, p. 440).

Substitute Trustee Deeds
J. Derek Moore, substitute trustee, William
A. Jamison and Rickey A. Jamison to American Momentum Bank – 1,074.596 acres (v.
1,184, p. 624, 631).

Grant Deed
Kent Taylor to Nicholas C. Maxwell – A.W.
Sullivan Survey A-326 (v. 1,183, p. 836).

Gift Deed
Mary Lou Davis to Billy R. Davis – Jose
Leal Survey A-29 (v. 1,184, p. 22).

Cemetery Deed
City of Cameron to Lana Jean McLerran –
Lot 10C, Row 1, Section 3, Oakhill Cemetery
(v. 1,184, p. 379).

Memorandum Leases

Marina Hayes to Sabine River Energy LLC
(v. 1,184, p. 130).

Oil and Gas Lease
Danny R. Vandagriff and Dorothea T.
Vandagriff to Buffco Production Inc. and
Twin Resources LLC – Goff Jones Surveys (v.
1,183, p. 810).

Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases
Roy L. White and Linda S. White to Dyad
Petroleum Co. – Thomas Gay Survey A-176
(v. 1,184, p. 294).

Probate Cases Filed
Diane Whiteley applied for the Loyas Drehr
Estate – letters of administration (10903).
Eleno Alvarado applied for the Jesus Salazar Alvarado – muniment of title (10904).

Civil Cases Filed
Milam County vs. Alma Ann Barnes et
al – tax case.
Milam County vs. Lena Wiese et al – tax
Milam County vs. Gene Angell et al – tax
Milam County vs. Cyn Trudel et al – tax
Milam County vs. Edward Gray et al – tax
Milam County vs. Royal Seating LLLC – tax
search and seizure.
County of Milam vs. Comfort A/C Services
LLC – tax case.
Equable Ascent Financial vs. Michael
Satcher – consumer/commercial debt.

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