Rising Star Baptist: a crowning achievement indeed

Neighbor Grover sez health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing. W ife Pegaroo and I had our first chance to see the new Rising Star Baptist Church building last Tuesday when we attended the annual Community Thanksgiving Service which RSBC hosted.

It is one beautiful facility—a remarkable achievement by that 65-plus-member congregation which essentially built it themselves on a pay-as-you-go basis, staging fund-raisers of all sorts over the last several years. The land was the first generous donation.

Just over 9,000 square feet, the gleaming new church is a gem inside and out. The small old frame church building that served RSBC out on the north end of Texas Street for over a century still stands, right across the street from the new building.

Those fund-raisers included several public concerts by Rising Star’s magnificent choir. And last Tuesday, Rev. Royal Johnson, pastor, and his choir, directed by Jo Ann Bradford, once again stirred this old heart (and a lot of others) with their special music.

L.C. Richards, a longtime friend, said the church building was completed with growth in mind, and I’ll bet that’s the way it plays out.

Congratulations, RSBC.


Reporter Editor Mike Brown, researching this newspaper’s files from 100 years ago, came across the following written by then-Editor/ Publisher John Esten Cooke in the Nov. 30, 1912 issue:

It was a toast which my grandfather said was given by a preacher at a newspaper convention.

To save an editor from starvation, take his paper and pay for it promptly;

To saves him from bankruptcy, advertise in his paper liberally (to build your business);

To save him from despair, send him every item of news of which you can get hold;

To save him from profanity, write your correspondence plainly, on one side of the page, and send it to him as soon as possible;

To save him from mistakes, bury him, because dead people are the only ones who never make mistakes.

Much of that prayer would hold true today. Of course, the written correspondence (on one side of the page only), is a bit dated. John Esten would be amazed at news tips arriving by cyberspace.

See you at the Christmas parade. I’ll be the ugly kid sitting on Santa’s lap.

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