Master plan drawn from United Nations document

Dear editor,

I hope this letter serves as an alert to the citizens of Rockdale regarding the implementation of the so called master plan for Rockdale.

I went to the exhibition of the master plan at the Patterson Center. I reviewed it on the City of Rockdale web site.

I know most of the members on the P&Z want to try to improve Rockdale in as many ways as they can, but I don’t believe they realize they have adopted the master plan for all US communities by the United Nations as outlined in the document Agenda 21. Google “Agenda 21 sustainable development” and “sustainable development social updates”.

Local planners always refer to the vision forum that was held in May as their impetus to come together for sustainable projects of various sorts. This Forum was attended by less then 2% of Rockdale’s population although it was amply advertised to attract community involvement.

All ideas presented at this forum should not be given much credence because it certainly does not represent the wishes of the majority of the citizens of this community.

I ’ m af raid the P& Z has unknowingly accepted some of the suggestions presented at this forum and has proceeded to support an undesired product, the master plan.

In order to accomplish much of the master plan many new ordinances and more regulations and economic freedoms diminished wi ll have to be adopted.

I would like to ask each member of the P&Z: “what is it that you don’t like about Rockdale?”

If most of the citizens like Rockdale shouldn’t we say “enough is enough”? Haven’t the Council, MDD, Downtown Association spent enough money “planning” and getting outsiders to tell us what is best for us?

And now some would even like to see our Chamber of Commerce dissolve so as to put more reliance on the “central planners.”

The quickest way to lose our property rights is for someone or commit tee to wave grant money in our faces.

I would encourage every citizen to review the following:

Also, Google: EO #12858, EO #12852, EO#13575. These are Executive Orders issued by George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama respectively.

With these Orders all Federal Agencies (HUD, USDA, EPA, etc) are given the power to implement the various agendas without the need for a Congress.

Amazing don’t you think?

After you have obtained this information, let’s tell the P&Z and the city council that the so called “Master Plan” is not what the citizens want.

We must resist our city Government from becoming a government for sustainability under United Nations socialistic guidelines which are bypassing our very own Congress to set the laws of the land.

Yours truly,
Bill Vogelpohl
127 East Cameron

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