Help urged for recycling effort

Dear editor,

I am a member of the Crown Garden Club. We brought in the first paper recycling bin to Rockdale.

We have been having junk left at the dumpster that is not in any way paper. This bin is for paper only. Some people have left 3 tv’s around the bin and one plastic chair.

To get rid of these things we will have to pay the city $10 to place them in their city bins. I don’t think we should have to pay for others’ trash.

When I asked the city manager to waive the payment, he said he could not do that. All this talk about cleaning up the city and making it look better does not extend to groups that are actually doing something on their own.

If the city wants cooperation from its citizens it should show some for us. When junk is dumped into the city’s recycling bins do they pay monies to have them put in city bins? Seems a double standard to me.

It is not our trash. Someone is unable to read the writing on the bin or, more likely, someone who did not want to pay the fee at the city collection and just left them for us to deal with. We need some kind of agreement with the city to deal with this type of dumping.

We are not a large garden club and the monies we get, which is small, goes to projects in the community. We don’t want to pay for other people’s trash to be placed in the proper containers.

It makes me angry that the city cannot waive the fee for such things as this. If the city manager does not have the power to do so, than the city council should give him the power.

How can groups help with keeping the city clean without the city hall cooperation ? I fear that after Christmas we will have many types of electronics left at our bin. Can’t the city or MDD have a one time collection trailer for all the electronics that are going to be discarded?

While I am aware many people think recycling means everything goes and dumps their junk wherever they please, I ask only that if you have any common sense that you at least read the sign posted on the bin.

All we ask for is a little thought from the citizens of Rockdale in dealing with the huge amount of paper that goes into the dump sites.

Just think before you throw that mattress into a paper bin and, yes, we have fished out a mattress.

Carolyn J. Burford,

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