‘Place of Hope’ in Rockdale provides alternative

To be against abortion is one thing, but to try to do something about it to prevent or reduce its practice by young girls in our community is something else.

I wish we could somehow bring back a life where every child had a home with a loving mother and father living happily ever after, but that obviously isn’t anything close to reality for many kids today.

Here’s a few facts that should help clarify the situation. Today 41 percent of children in America are born to unmarried moms.

In Milam County I’m told that number is 49 percent. Also, 40 percent of girls become pregnant before age 20 and half will be pregnant again while still a teenager.

In Texas a teenager becomes pregnant every 10 minutes. In America a teenager has an abortion every 48 minutes.

If we are pro life as many of us are, what can we do?

My philosophy is we can’t do everything but we surely can do something, maybe even better said, we must do something!

We can’t just sit on the sidelines and declare that we’re against abortion. That won’t solve anything.

On Dec. 3, Place of Hope Pregnancy Resource Center opened its doors at 231 East Cameron Avenue in Rockdale offering services to the young girls facing unplanned pregnancy in our community.

Milam County will now have a similar service to what has been offered in surrounding counties such as that available through the Care Net Center in McLennan County in Waco and the Agape Center in Williamson County in Round R ock for quite s ome t ime now.

Many more such pregnancy resource centers exist in towns all around us. We will now have this helping hand available thanks to these dedicated volunteers.

These programs have been very successful in encouraging young girls to choose options other than abortion and then helping them to carry out those options successfully.

Believe me this new program deserves our support and the volunteers that have worked so hard to get this program started and the center renovated are to be commended for a job well done.

The facility is first class and practically all done with volunteer labor and donated materials and furnishings.

I encourage organizations and individuals throughout Milam County to look into supporting Place of Hope as a way to curb the abortion tide. This organization will need lots of help both financially and otherwise in order to get successfully under way.

Let me also give you an update on the activities of our WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) Program which is an arm of our Milam County Health Department that helps meet the needs of young mothers and children in our community.

Currently there are 103 pregnant women, 126 mothers with infants, 229 infants, and 587 children under age 5 receiving services under this program.

That’s a total of over 1,000 individuals. Over the course of a year this group services a lot of people.

This department has offices in Rockdale and in Cameron with the client load pretty well balanced between the two offices.

What I’m trying to convey here is not only the fact that abortion is a real issue in our community but also to impress you, the citizens of Milam County, with the magnitude of the total situation that it is a part of. Our school administrators and teachers are well aware of what I’m telling you about here. All I can say is together let’s deal with it as best we can, it cannot be ignored. But yes, let’s choose life.

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