School board passes on litigation for AYP

Over 600 districts call ratings ‘destructive’

The Rockdale ISD School Board, at least for now, has declined to participate in a joint lawsuit with hundreds of other Texas districts seeing to change the federal AYP ratings system in the state.

Meeting at Rockdale High School at noon Tuesday for their annual Christmas luncheon, the board decided not to adopt a joint client and agreement, including a fee agreement, to contest AYP (Advanced Yearly Progress).

Over 600 Texas districts are participating in the suit, which seeks to separate Texas from the federal ratings program, often linked with its enabling legislation and referred to as “No Child Left Behind.

(This litigation is different from the ongoing suit over Texas school finance, now before the state supreme court, in which about 900 districts are participating.)

‘DESTRUCTIVE’—The Texas Association of Community Schools, which has filed the litigation, calls AYP’s scoring system “invalid and destructive” to local school operations.

Almost one in every two Texas schools failed to meet AYP standards this year and school officials forecast that number will grow to include virtually every district in the state as AYP standards become more stringent.

In 2012, 19 of Milam County’s 22 campuses “failed” AYP. The three campuses passing included two K-2 primary schools who have no students to test—AYP covers only grades 3, 8 and 10—and a high school with so few sophomores their scores were deemed “not statistically significant.”

PAUSE TO PRAISE—Monthly “Pause to Praise” recognition was listed as follows:

Elementary—Robin Faulkner, PE, educator; Pat Voyles, secretary, employee.

Intermediate—Cindy Willis, special ed, and Ellie Taylor, third grade, educators; Susan Boyd, iTigers, employee.

RJH—Michael Young, social studies coach, educator; Wanda Cooksey, special ed, employee.

RHS—Stephanie Miller, history teacher-coach, educator; Rebecca Ingram, campus counselor, employee.

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