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Warranty Deeds
Barry A. Raymond and Teri Raymond to
Andrew Wallace – W.H. Clemons Survey A-123
(v. 1,185, p. 843).
Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development – Lot 11, Block 3,
Section 4, Coffield Addition (v. 1,186, p. 16).
Leila Caywood to Donnie G. Buchanan –
1.193 acres, Daniel Monroe Survey (v. 1,186,
p. 80).
Darlene Taisler to Pamela Lynn Fischer
Warren and Ronald Rabinowitz – Thomas Jefferson Chambers Grant A-7 (v. 1,186, p. 90).
McDonald’s Corp. to McDonald’s Real
Estate Co. (Delaware) – William Allen Survey
A-72 (v. 1,186, p. 133).
Sandra F. Barnett to Bill Wilganowski –
John Whitesides Survey A-67 (v. 1,186, p.

John Clay Hughes Jr. and Debra L. Hughes
to Warren Dronebarger – Lot 8, Block 10,
Thorndale (v. 1,186, p. 235).
Wilma Mae Franklin to Timothy Ray Clanton
Sr. aka Timothy Ray Clanton Jr. and Wanda
Lynn Clanton – John Williams Survey A-384
(v. 1,186, p. 238).
Wilma Mae Franklin to Randall Wayne
Clanton and Nalani Leeann Clanton – John
Williams Survey A-384 (v. 1,186, p. 242).
Wanda Olene Agee to Steve Mooty – Jose
Leal Survey A-29 (v. 1,186, p. 263).
Forrest Parker and Stephanie J. Parker to
Pete Scarmado – Lomas and Tyler Surveys (v.
1,186, p. 267).

Warranty Deeds With Vendor’s Lien
Jackie L. Roderick to Royce L. Roderick

– lots, Hairston Subdivision, Rockdale (v.
1,186, p. 70).
Carolyn Sue Pearce Remmert et al to
Ricardo Sanchez and Bernice Sanchez –
Justo Liendo Grant, Thorndale (v. 1,186, p.

Special Warranty Deed
Wells Fargo Bank NA and Jeffrey W. Martin, attorney-in-fact, to Secretary of Housing
& Urban Development – Daniel Monroe
Survey A-38 (v. 1,186, p. 306).

Correction Warranty Deeds
Toledo P. Boulware, trustee, to CCB Land
Partners Ltd., CCB-GP Land Management
LLC GP and Toledo P. Boulware, VP – Harris
and Edwards Surveys (v. 1,185, p. 891).
Toledo P. Boulware, attorney-in-fact and

individually, and Cecil C. Boulware to CCB
Land Partners Ltd. and CCD-GP Land Management LLC GP – William E. Harris Survey
(v. 1,185, p. 909).

Executor’s Deeds
Charles T. Key Estate, Debra J. Key,
independent administratrix, to Debra J.
Key – T.S. Arnett Survey (v. 1,185, p. 846,

Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases
Barney L. Knight and Linda J. Knight to
Dyad Petroleum Co. – Jackson Hall Survey
A-189 (v. 1,185, p. 827).
Toledo P. Boulware, trustee, to TPB
Investment Par tners Ltd. – Harris and
Edwards Surveys (v. 1,185, p. 869).
Toledo P. Boulware, individually and as

attorney-in-fact, and Cecil C. Boulware to
TPB Investment Partners Ltd., Virginia Miller,
trustee, and Cecil C. & Toledo P. Boulware
Irrevocable 2007 Trust (Oct. 4, 2007) – William E. Harris Survey (v. 1,185, p. 887).
Wanda Mildred Rodden to Wanda Valera
Streicher et al (v. 1,186, p. 232).

Probate Cases Filed
Terri Guillote applied for the Jerry Guillote
Estate – letters testamentary (10914).

Civil Cases Filed
Discover Bank vs. Crespin Carrazales –
consumer/commercial debt.
National Collegiate Student Loan Trust
2006-2 vs. Brittany Thompson and Durwood
Thompson – consumer/commercial debt.

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