‘Got’cha Mac’ ended would-be scam attempt
Ted Hubert

Phyllis Waring was targeted in a “vishing” attempt to steal her identity. The caller on the phone had an accent like someone from “East India” she said.

The broken English on the telephone informed her that her computer had a serious problem in t he W indows s oftware. S he was asked if she was at her computer, so he could access her set and fix the problem.

Phyllis cradled the telephone to disconnect, then she made the report so others could be warned of the scam making its rounds in Milam County.

Vishing was addressed in last week’s Triad column which resulted in a follow-up from Jamie Larson of Gause. He had just read the article when the telephone rang. The caller spoke in broken English and informed Larson of an “error message from Windows which could be easily fixed.”

The scammer told Larson, to look at the lower left corner of the screen for the Windows icon and asked if he saw it.

L arson r eplied t wice t hat h e didn’t then said, “could it be because my computer is a Mac- Intosh and not a PC?” The caller swore and hung-up his phone.

Larson could have said: “gotcha” but he didn’t have time.

There is another story going around that because the Mayan Calendar ends at 11:11 a.m. Dec. 21 and the world will end.

Personally, I will not shop for gifts until Dec. 22.

To be safe, Merry Christmas to all is the greeting from Milam County TRIAD.

MCT has good news for you. The federal government has released a statement that the world will not end Friday.

You can read more about it by using this link: http://the-unexplained assures-peopleworld will-not-end-on-dec-21. Think about using 2013 as a fresh start in life. Cameron Police Chief Randy Dixon gave some excellent suggestions about specific ways to guard us from harm during the Milam County Crime Prevention Month in October.

Think about con artists attempting to trick you into giving your money to them, as well. Take steps to thwart their efforts in 2013.

Write these down and place the list on the refrigerator or some other prominent place in the house for you and your family to read.

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