Supernatural ‘Lady in Blue’ credited with evangelism
Joy Graham

The “Lady in Blue,” Sister Maria de Agreda, a saintly miracle of bi-location, influenced the New World at a time when there were not enough friars in New Spain, which is known today as Texas.

There might never have been enough friars if it had not been for the inspiration of the Lady in Blue.

Franciscans and other Catholics knew of her appearance to the Jumano Indians in 1625.

Sister Maria documented that visit which was posthumously published in 1670. It was her work that drew Father Damian Massenet to New Spain to work after her revelation with the Indians.

Even people today scof f at the work of the Woman in Blue. She died in 1665, as legend continued to draw bands of Franciscans to the New World.

Her work continued to spread and to the building of the Spanish trails.

La Salle and his French along with the Lady in Blue both brought the Spaniards to Texas. La Salle brought the protection of silver. Sister Maria brought the word that meant the salvation of souls. It was Father Benavides who documented the Lady in Blue. She was handsome of face, fair in color with large black eyes.

Her habit was that of a Franciscan of brown sack covered by a white one and over that a cloak of blue cloth with a black veil.

She appeared 500 times to the distant peoples.

For Spain, there was without a doubt that Maria de Agreda was the Woman in Blue.

It was her visions that guided Philip IV with her advice. It was she who had an impact on Father Massenet, who had a strong presence in the San Xavier Missions in the mid 1700’s here in Milam County.

The last supernatural element was documented by Father Massenet. It came from an Indian chief’s mother who was ill, soon to die. The chief requested a piece of blue cloth to wrap her in for burial.

He wanted that because the Lady in Blue had told them of God. Though the chief had not seen her, his mother had.

Father Massenet must have thought Maria de Agreda had truly spoken. Could it be that Sister Maria de Agreda, the Lady in Blue, was the voice from God to the Native Americans and New Spain—similar to the upcoming celebration of the Birth of Jesus we celebrate on Tuesday?

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