Another senseless tragedy
Dr. Howell Wright

Once again, our nation was shocked by another senseless act of mass murder this past Friday in Sandy Hook, Conn. This time the violence did not occur at a mall, hospital or business; it occurred at an elementary school where the doctors, lawyers, welders, bankers, scientists and teachers of our future are preparing.

We have all heard the news over the past weekend, seen the names and faces of the 20 children and six educators that were killed, and in some way, we have all been affected by this unthinkable cruel deed. As parents, law enforcement officers and educators we dread the thought of this type of horrific crime occurring in our schools.

I don’t pretend to have the answers to stop a person from wanting to harm children or our staff. On the other hand, our school district does plan and practice for these types of catastrophes on a regular basis.

Last Monday, we reviewed our emergency plans and the safety issues with our facilities. We also put a few procedures into place that will assist with school safety, so please be patient with us as these processes are implemented.

For security reasons, I will not reveal what actions have taken place or are planned, and I am sure that is understandable to all. The lives of many children were saved this past Friday in Sandy Hook because the school staff and students were able to act quickly and put their plans into action.

Even though this was an emotional incident, we are not going to allow it to deter from our celebration events this week. This is our final week before the Christmas break; it is usually festive and joyful and because it is a season focusing on peace and love, we will continue celebrating this special time of the year with our parties, presentations and activities.

We will continue to fly our flags at half-mast in memory of the children and educators who lost their lives, and we will continue to take a moment of silence to individually pray or reflect for the stricken families and community.

These types of tragedies take a toll on educators, bus drivers, custodians, administrative assistants and food servers, but they also affect our children and you, our community and parents. So, below are links for you to use at home with your family.

I ask that our good Lord protect you and provide you with peace. Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays.

The links are below: for-tragedy-teachers-youknow what-to-do.html on-talking-with-childrenabout tragedies/#.UM3vJL8CSh8. twitter

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