Jerryworld is impressive—in a pretentious, over the top way


JERRYWORLD—Color me impressed. With road trip traveling buddy and former Tiger great Leigh Shepard, we made our first sojourn to Cowboys Stadium, popularly know as Jerryworld—a nod to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

We were there to check out some state finals football— most importantly neighbors Cameron and Navasota.

For the past two years—like the state basketball tournament in Austin—the UIL football championships have been played at Jerryworld.

Over 12,000 fans showed up for the Cameron-Daingerfield game, over 17,000 for the Navasota-Gilmer tilt in the 85,000-seat facility that was home to the 2011 Super Bowl.

As we pulled up to the glass uber-structure—which cost $1.5 billion to build—it reminded me of the final scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, when the alien spaceship finally lands on earth in front of a herd of the wide-eyed scientists.

Inside the spacious playhouse, there is plenty of room to mill about and large counters to lean on for those standing room-only patrons.

Should you choose to venture out to the snack booth or visit the bathroom, you will not miss a play, I promise.

There is literally wall-to-wall television sets (3,000 in actuality) on every available wall space.

Despite beautiful weather outside, officials kept the retractable roof closed.

Now back to the concession stand, nachos are $9, cokes are $6 and a bottomless bucket of popcorn is $10. The vendor said you could even bring it back with you at a future game and fill ‘er up again.

I’ve seen worse prices (Texas’ Memorial Stadium, and the Erwin Center come to mind).

Parking was $10, tickets were $15. Hey, somebody’s got to line Jerry Jones’ pockets. I was told it costs $40 to park at a Cowboys’ game. Ouch.

(Just to note, we used media credentials to park and get in the venue).

Most comments concerning the stadium are credited to the impressive scoreboard.

It’s 60 yards long and gets a clearer picture than my 50-incher at home.

It’s like the Hindenburg floating in the middle of the field. As I stood on the field directly under it, I was fully expecting its suspension bridge cables to snap and come careening to the turf.

Like the Alamodome, there doesn’t appear to be a bad seat in the place and the crowd is close on top of the field.

Central Texas teams made a great showing, with Cameron, Navasota and Cedar Park harvesting gold, while another area squad, Georgetown—fell just sort.

Both local teams, Cameron and Navasota, easily rolled to victory.

Schedule spoiler: Rockdale will face two state champions next season (see above).

So congratulations Jerry, didn’t get a chance to visit the Victoria’s Secret that’s housed inside. Maybe next time.

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