Area junior high students win big at academic meet

Sixth through eighth grade students from Milano and Thorndale schools competed in their district UIL academic contest on Dec 4-5 in Thrall.

The school’s administrators listed the winners from the contests as follows:

6th Grade

Art—1. Thorndale team (Jack Fisher, Landry Laywell, Mason Kuhl, Victoria Elliott); 3. Milano team (Mason Westbrook, Elizabeth Pedroza, Emma Batten, April Morgan, Sterling Robertson); 1. Jack Fisher (individual), Thorndale; 2. Landry Laywell, Thorndale; 4. Mason Kuhl, Thorndale; 5. Victoria Elliott, Thorndale; 6. Emma Batten, Milano.

Calculator applications—1. Milano team (Parker Jones, April Morgan, Ben King); 2. Thorndale team (Madison Kelm, Corey Preusse, Dekota Guerra), 1. Madison Kelm, Thorndale; 2. Ben King, Milano; Parker Jones, Milano; 5. Corey Preusse, Thorndale; April Morgan, Milano.

Dictionary skills—2. Thorndale team (Victoria Elliott, Hannah Laurence, Jesus Castillo); 3. Milano team (Mason Westbrook, Jake Turnage, April Morgan); 1. Victoria Elliott, Thorndale; 5. Mason Westbrook, Milano; 6. Hannah Laurence, Thorndale. L istening skills—2. Thorndale team (Summer Wycough, Leslie Pavlasek, Madison Flores); 3. Milano team (Jacob Turnage, Mason Westbrook, Parker Jones); 2. Summer Wycough, Thorndale; 5. Leslie Pavlasek, Thorndale.

Maps, graphs & charts—2. Milano team (April Morgan, Elizabeth Pedroza, Christian Thurman); 3. Elizabeth Pedroza, Milano; 5. April Morgan, Milano.

Mathematics—2. Milano team (Anthony Boykin, Jacob Turnage, Parker Jones); 3. Thorndale team (Kayden Tanner, Austin Pausewang, Corey Preusse); 3. Anthony Boykin, Milano; 4. Jacob Turnage, Milano; 5. Kayden Tanner, Thorndale; 6. Austin Pausewang, Thorndale.

Music memory—1. Thorndale team (Landry Laywell, Sophie Thomason, Clara Steglich), 1. Landry Laywell, Thorndale; 2. Sophie Thomason, Thorndale.

Number sense—2. Thorndale team (Mattie Fisher, Kayden Tanner, Nathan Scheffel); 3. Milano team (April Morgan, Jacob Turnage, Mason Westbrook); 4. Mattie Fisher, Thorndale; 5. Kayden Tanner, Thorndale; 6. Mason Westbrook, Milano.

Oral reading­— 1. Summer Wycough, Thorndale; 2. Destiny Arnold, Thorndale; 5. Mattie Fisher, Thorndale; 6. Angelica Atkins, Milano. R eady writing­— 1. Mattie Fisher, Thorndale; 3. Sophie Thomason, Thorndale.

Social studies—1. Milano team (Parker Jones, Mason Westbrook, Jake Turnage); 3. Thorndale team (Will Terry, Sean Kruse, Tyler Shillings); 2. Parker Jones, Milano; 4. Will Terry, Thorndale; 5. Jacob Turnage, Milano; 6. Sean Kruse, Thorndale.

Spelling—1. Milano team (Parker Jones, Mason Westbrook, April Morgan); 1. Parker Jones, Milano; 3. April Morgan, Milano; 5. Mason Westbrook, Milano.

7th Grade

Art—1. Thorndale team (Dustin McDaniel, Madison Hafley, Brooke Bankston, Hadley Holder); 3. Milano team (Donald Grosshans, Keaton Popham, Wyat Young, Kali Taylor); 2. Dustin McDaniel, Thorndale; 4. Madison Hafley, Thorndale; 6. Wyatt Young, Milano.

Calculator applications—1. Thorndale team (Sierra Henderson, Madison Hafley, Jesus Hernandez); 3. Milano team (Wyatt Young, Keaton Popham, Kalie Poehl); 1-tie. Sierra Henderson, Thorndale and Madison Hafley, Thorndale; 4-tie. Jesus Hernandez, Thorndale and Wyatt Young, Milano.

Chess—2. Milano team (Keaton Popham, Donald Grosshans, Manuel Garcia); 2. Manuel Garcia, Milano; 4. Keaton Popham, Milano; 5. Donald Grosshans, Milano.

Dictionary skills—2. Milano team (Keaton Popham, Donald Grosshans, Wyatt Young); 1. Donald Grosshans, Milano; 4. Keaton Popham, Milano; 6. Wyatt Young, Milano.

Editorial writing—1. Chloe Krause, Thorndale; 2. Wyatt Young, Milano; 6. Kalie Poehl, Milano.

Impromptu speaking­— 1. Caitlyn Garcia, Thorndale; 2. Logan O’Campo, Thorndale; 5. Kalie Poehl, Milano; 6. Wyatt Young, Milano. L istening skills—1. Milano team (Donald Grosshans, Wyatt Young, Kalie Poehl); 2. Thorndale team (Gabe Kopit, Chelsea Dentler, Cory Huber); 1. Donald

Grosshans, Milano; 2. Gabe Kopit, Thorndale; 4. Kalie Poehl, Milano; 6. Wyatt Young, Milano.

Maps, graphs & charts—2. Milano team (Kenna Bounds, Donald Grosshans, Keaton Popham); 3. Thorndale team (Gabe Kopit, Lauren O’Brien, Zachary Stockton); 1. Donald Grosshans, Milano; 4. Gabe Kopit, Thorndale; Kenna Bounds, Milano.

Mathematics—2. Milano team (Wyatt Young, Keaton Popham, Kenna Bounds); 4. Wyatt Young, Milano.

Modern oratory—1. Erin Steglich, Thorndale; 3. Cory Huber, Thorndale; 4. Cole Huber, Thorndale.

Number sense—2. Thorndale team (Chelsea Dentler, Andrew Stolte, Brooke Bankston); 3. Milano team (Wyatt Young, Keaton Popham, Donald Grosshans); 2. Chelsea Dentler, Thorndale; 3. Donald Grosshans; Milano; 5. Andrew Stolte, Thorndale.

Oral reading— 1. Kylie Buchanan, Thorndale; 2. Caitlin Garcia, Thorndale; 3. Amy Wuensche, Thorndale; 4. Keaton Popham, Milano. R eady writing—1. Emilie Compton, Milano; 4. Brooke Bankston, Thorndale; 5. Devin Dickerson, Thorndale.

Science I—1. Milano team (Wyatt Young, Kalie Poehl, Kenna Bounds); 3. Thorndale team (Kate Castillo, Erin Steglich, Matthew Goetz); 1. Kenna Bounds, Milano; 4. Kate Castillo, Thorndale.

Social studies—1. Thorndale team (Chloe Krause, Andrew Stolte, Justin Machac), 2. Chloe Krause, Thorndale; 3. Andrew Stolte, Thorndale; Donald Grosshans, Milano; 6. Justin Machac, Thorndale.

Spelling—1. Milano team (Keaton Popham, Wyatt Young, Amanda Storey); 1. Keaton Popham, Milano; 3. Wyatt Young, Milano; 4. Amanda Storey, Milano .

8th Grade

Art—3. Thorndale team (Amber Engelke, Rachel Krauser, Nallely Rico, Jacob Smith); 1. Sammi Pierce, Milano; 6. Amber Engelke, Thorndale.

Calculator applications—1. Thorndale team (Addison Cuba, Mary Leopard, Austin Gielbunt); 3. Milano team (Sethe Pugh, Bailey Baggerly, Madison Westbrook); 2. Addison Cuba, Thorndale; 3. Mary Leopold, Thorndale; 5. Madison Westbrook, Milano; 6. Austin Gielbunt, Thorndale.

Chess—2. Milano team (Ava Atkins, Sethe Pugh, Brandon Bui); 2. Ava Atkins, Milano; 3. Sethe Pugh, Milano.

Dictionary skills—1. Milano team (Bailey Baggerly, Kaitlyn Bradshaw, Ava Atkins); 3. Thorndale team (Chase Cuba, Addison Cuba, Nathan McDaniel); 2. Ava Atkins, Milano; 4-tie. Bailey Baggerly, Milano and Kaitlyn Bradshaw, Milano.

Editorial writing—4. Cade Popham, Milano; 5. Dana Preusse, Thorndale.

Impromptu Speaking—1. Mary Willis, Thorndale; 2. Dana Preusse, Thorndale; 3. Nick Brooks, Thorndale; 4. Cade Popham, Milano. L istening skills—3. Milano team (Sami Pierce, Jordan Dement, Ava Atkins).

Maps, graphs & charts—3. Milano team (Naomi Graham, Madison Westbrook, Zach Hopkins); 4. Naomi Graham, Milano.

Mathematics— 3. Milano team (Naomi Graham, Zachary Hopkins, Kaitlyn Bradshaw); 4. Kaitlyn Bradshaw, Milano; 6. Naomi Graham, Milano.

Modern oratory—3. Emeri Gifford, Thorndale; 4. Dana Preusse, Thorndale; 6. Hunter Towery, Thorndale.

Number sense—2. Milano team (Sethe Pugh, Kaitlyn Bradshaw, Cashlyne Blake); 3. Thorndale team (Hunter Towery, Ryan Biar, Austin Gielbunt), 2. Hunter Towery, Thorndale; 3. Kaitlyn Bradshaw, Milano; 5. Ryan Biar, Thorndale; 6. Sethe Pugh.

Oral reading—1. Madison Westbrook, Milano; 2. Sage Wycough, Thorndale; 3. Sammi Pierce, Milano; 4. Mary Willis, Thorndale; 5. Emeri Gifford, Thorndale; 6. Kaitlyn Bradshaw, Milano. R eady writing—1. Ava Atkins, Milano; 2. Rachel Krauser, Thorndale; 3. Sage Wycough, Thorndale; 4. Dana Preusse, Thorndale.

Science II—2. Milano team (Cade Popham, Bryce Hughes, Bailey Baggerly); 3. Cade Popham, Milano.

Social studies—3. Thorndale team (Jacob Smith, Jeremiah Dunn, Tucker Tanner), 4-tie. Jacob Smith, Thorndale and Madison Westbrook, Milano.

Spelling—1. Milano team (Cade Popham, Kaitlyn Bradshaw, Ava Atkins); 1. Ava Atkins, Milano; 3. Kaitlyn Bradshaw, Milano; 5. Cade Popham, Milano.

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