2012 final report: County 54 percent under budget
David Barkemeyer
Milam County Judge

The final numbers are in on our performance vs. budget for 2012. Some of you may have already seen my “State of the County” video at

There I give you a good rundown of last year’s performance along with a look at this year’s budget and the challenges facing us in 2013.

Over $6 million of our general fund dollars in 2012 were spent on law enforcement. That’s over 60% of the general fund expenditures for the year.

By my count, 20 of the 36 or so departments or functions that have general fund accounts have to do with law enforcement or related activities.

Most of these are obvious (numbers are rounded): Sheriff’s Operations $1.335 million (right on budget for the year); jail operations, $2.6 million (5% under budget); DA/county attorney’s office, $445,000 (3% under).

Justice-of-the-Peace courts, $400,000 (3% under); district court, $338,000 (18% over bud- get); district clerk, $310,000 (8% under). Constables, $200,000 (2% under); juveni le probation, $110,000 (on budget); DPS, $50,000 (5% under); community service, $38,000 (2% under); adult probation, $13,000 (24% under).

With two departments, my county judge’s Account $145,000 (24% under budget) and the county clerk’s department $318,000 (4% under), I included only 50% of the spending in the $6 million estimate since we do other things in addition to law enforcement related work.

Several of these departments such as the DA’s office, district court, juvenile probation, DPS, and adult probation receive a major portion of their funding from other sources including the state, so total cost of law enforcement in the county far exceeds the $6 million that is included in the county budget.

I know that this report is upsetting to all you tax paying, law abiding citizens out there who pay the bill.

We do recoup some of the cost through fines and fees that we charge the guilty parties.

I give you a rundown of these on the state of the county report, but, nevertheless, it is no doubt the biggest single part of what we do as your county government, and I wanted to make you aware of just how big it really is.

In summary, in 2012 we had general fund revenues of $9.9 million and spending of $9.74 million on a budget of $10.3 million.

So we were $ 553,000 or 5.4% under budget and spent $160,000 less than we took in.

We began 2012 with $400,000 and will now begin 2013 with $560,000 in the general fund reserve account.

Again, please take a few minutes to take a look at the report on our web site.

I feel that it’s important to get you as much information as I can on the functioning of your county government.

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