Milam County once covered one-sixth of Texas
Joy Graham

Shortly after Texas became a U.S. state, the Texas Legislature authorized a seven member commission to find a permanent site for the county seat of Milam County

Milam was part of the original 23 counties of Texas.

On December 20, 1836 the Senate of the Republic of Texas confirmed the nomination of Massillon Farley as the first chief justice of Milam County along with provisions made for the county court of Milam County.

At this point in history, this area was known as Robertson’s Colony.

It was Farley who announced in 1837 that all of the settlements were in the southern portion of this county. Thus, Nashville-on-the-Brazos River was named the first location as county seat of Milam County’.

Farley’s letter to the Secretary of State prompted Texas’ first legislature to relocate the county seat in the post oaks 1-1/2 miles east on a 60-acre tract of Daniel Monroe’s headright on Little River in 1846.

The new community created by the move was named Cameron for Ewen Cameron, a Scot Highlander, prominent in the Texas Revolution and a member of the Mier Expedition during the war with Mexico. History reveals Ewen Cameron was ordered to be shot by Santa Anna.

(He is buried, along with other Texans executed after the failed Mier Expedition on Monument Hill in La Grange. Cameron County, which contains Brownsville, is also named for Ewen Cameron.)

It is not known exactly how long the first courthouse of the county survived.

However four courthouses have been built in the county with the present one built in 1892 and historically restored as a working courthouse in 2002.

Milam County remained its original size until all or parts of from 48 plus counties were carved from the original area which covered one-sixth the size of Texas. Just think, how difficult it was from 1837 to about 1850 to serve as one of the elected Milam County officials

Milam extended from as far south as Lee County, north to Shackleford County (northeast of Abilene).

There were attempts in 1874 and 1880 to move the county seat to Rockdale, with results going in favor of maintaining status quo.


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