Milam County Courthouse Records


Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Charles Wyatt and Charlotte Wyatt to Home Ranger LLC, Tim Walker, president, and Beth Walker, vice president – Daniel Monroe Survey A-38 (v. 1,189, p. 74).

Warranty Deeds

Karan Arning to Ernest Frank Kamenicky and Charlene Kamenicky – James Bradford Survey A-81 (v. 1,189, p. 40).

Michael F. Herzog Jr. and Laurel T. Herzog to Ferma Enterprises LLC – J.J. Liendo Survey A-31 (v. 1,189, p. 207).

Sylvia Duran Cook to Mitchell Wayne Cook – R.L. Batte Survey A-453 (v. 1,189, p. 234).

Lawerence E. Dufrain Jr. to Lawerence Dufrain III – M. Davilla 11 League Grant (v. 1,189, p. 380).

Stephanie Faith Rose Yakesch Philpott to Jim Thomas Nelson – John B. Harvey Survey A-186 (v. 1,189, p. 393).

Warranty Deeds

With Vendor’s Lien

Hubnik Family Revocable Trust, Louis John Hubnik and Mary Ann Seaton, trustees, to Larry M. Lawrence – James Reed Survey A-48 (v. 1,189, p. 79).

Prestige Investments Ltd., Paul Millsap, member, to Horace E. McKendrick – Jackson Hall Survey A-189 (v. 1,189, p. 172).

Billy Glen Jones et al to James M. Burks and Sandra Burks – SM Burns Estate Partition, Cameron (v. 1,189, p. 443).

Special Warranty Deed

Bank of New York Mellon fka Bank of New York, trustee, et al to Melba Sellers – Miguel Davila Survey A-19 (v. 1,189, p. 439).

Substitute Trustee Deeds

Faye Pecht, substitute trustee, Kevin Ruzicka and Dorothy Ruzicka to Federal National Mortgage Association – lot, Revised Dyer Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,189, p. 193).

Faye Pecht, substitute trustee, Jorge Cebreco and Deborah Cebreco to Federal National Mortgage Association – Silver Springs Ranches Subdivision (v. 1,189, p. 201).

Mineral Deed

Angelina M. Liberto Dunn to Sharon Kurt et al – Eliza Sante League A-317 (v. 1,189, p. 232).

Mineral Royalty Deed

June Danglade Speight Estate, Louis G. Lower II and Randolph L. Speight II, co-executors, to Danglade/Speight Family Oil & Gas I LP (v. 1,189, p. 44).

Gift Deeds

Maria G. Rodriguez to Paulina Rodriguez – Lot 1, Block 42, Rockdale (v. 1,189, p. 179).

Maria G. Rodriguez to Jose Guadalupe Rodriguez – part of Lot 7, Block 40, Rockdale (v. 1,189, p. 181).

Maria G. Rodriguez and Mike Hinostroza to Aurelio Rodriguez and Yecenia Rodriguez – Lot 2, Block 42, Rockdale (v. 1,189, p. 183).

Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases

Providence Baptist Church, Leslie Dunn, pastor, Eula Williams, secretary, and Rosie Steamer, treasurer, to XTO Energy Inc. – James McLaughlin Survey A-36 (v. 1,189, p. 246).

Paul Andrew Slovacek to Slawson Exploration

Co. Inc. – H.H. Goff Survey A-172 (v. 1,189, p. 340, 345, 350).

William N. Graham to Slawson Exploration Co. Inc. – John Dunlap Survey A-140 (v. 1,189, p. 355).

Probate Cases Filed

Gloria Mae Sullivan applied for the Willie Lee Sullivan Sr. Estate – muniment of title (PR10922).


Civil Cases Filed

Nationstar Mortgage vs. Gloria Branstetter – consumer debt.

Nova Sports USA vs. Jason Beard Ind. dba Beard Tennis Court Construction – consumer debt.

Milam County vs. Georgia Horsberry et al – tax case.

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