‘Cutting off your nose to spite your face!’
Ted Hubert

The elderly are the most vulnerable group in our society so logically this group is targeted by scammers.

This group also has had a life of work and savings, so, the con artist sets out to get money from the elderly without doing an honest days work.

Beneath the surface these criminals must be evil, calloused, and selfish.

It seems clear that one of the first things a con artist must do, to be successful, is to eliminate their conscience. Think about this: if you plan to travel the road of crime, to steal or cheat others, you must destroy an important part of yourself.

Most crooks feel they are smarter than upright people in our society, therefore they will never get caught. Are the jails and prisons in our nation empty? If you commit a criminal act, are you willing to give up your freedoms? Do you realize the amount of personal funds you lose in paying restitutions, fines, court costs, attorney fees, not to mention separation from family and friends?

Some simple things are forbidden when a person is found guilty of a crime including the inability to travel, the right to vote, no chance of gainful employment, entertainment is restricted, and the list continues.

The greatest loss is your good reputation which causes personal shame and shame placed on family members and friends.

The American Creed states that it is the duty of all citizens to love our country, to respect our flag, to support our constitution, to obey our laws and to be willing to defend it from enemies.

Other nations describe the United States of America as a violent society.

The national discussion has turned to gun control and the violence found on television during prime time.

These debates cross political lines. Everyone has an opinion. Grandpa used to say that opinions are like noses, everybody has one.

Do guns commit crimes? Do pencils cause misspelled words?

Should the debate be about guns and entertainment? Should the debate be about educating our youth to make right choices in life? Should we eliminate programs in schools that teach children sensitivity, empathy, and pride?

These are taught in music programs, art, and theater arts classes.

Should the grandpas, grandmas, and parents get involved and ask the State of Texas to invest in its youth?

Ask yourself why these programs are cut first when funds are limited? Are the noses being cut off to spite the face?

Grandma used to say that.

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