‘Did American soldiers give their lives in vain?’

Dear editor,

Did they die in vain?

What am I speaking of here? All the brave men and women who served in the armed forces of America and fought on foreign soil all through the past years, not only protecting the rights of Americans, but, fighting for the rights of other Nations against a mad dog killer called Hitler. The mad dog, demon possessed killer who killed over six million of God’s chosen, the Jews.

The demon-possessed mad dog killer wanted to rule the world.

How many of the brave honorable men who swarmed the beaches of Normandy and other famous battles gave their life and spilled out their life’s blood fighting for the freedom of people all over the world and America. Did they ever think that one day America would lose its own freedoms?

The sly, sneaky attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor who wanted to destroy America, and other parts of the world. How many brave and honorable men and women gave their life to fight for not only America’s freedom, but that other Nations may remain free. Do you think they thought that one day America would lose its own freedoms?

I served in the Army from 1961- 64. When I got out the Vietnam war was just getting started. I really did not know anything about it.

Later, It was with a sad heart as I watched the news programs, as the military units returned back from Vietnam back to the U.S. And the sad welcome they received.

How many who called themselves hippies spit at the troops and called them baby killers. I thought to myself, “O my God, these sick people doing this don’t deserve to even live in America.”

Those in the military had no choice but to go to Vietnam, if they had orders to go they had no choice. At least they had the guts to go.

Do I agree with the Vietnam war? No. But I honor every one in the military who went and truly to those who gave their lives. To me the ones who gave their life there and the ones who served there are heroes.

As I look at the sad, fallen state of America now and just how fast all our freedoms are slipping away. How fast America is heading for h*** like a giant snowball. I say in my heart, my God is there any hope left for America?

I think about all the brave men and women in the American military who gave their lives in other nations fighting not only for their freedoms, but also for America’s freedoms.

And all America asked of these Nations was, give us a place to bury our dead.

I ask myself. Did they die in vain?

Billy Strelsky

890 CR 309


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