Fruit, cereal and milk served daily.

Monday—No school.

Tuesday—Strawberry yogurt, blueberry muffin.

Wednesday—Pancakes, sausage.

Thursday—Cinnamon roll.

Friday—Sausage breakfast tacos.

Elementary and Intermediate Lunch

Milk, fruit and vegetable bar served daily.

Monday—No school.

Tuesday— Beef teriyaki dippers, pepperoni pizza, Italian salad, steamed broccoli.

Wednesday—Cheese enchilada casserole, chicken nuggets, grilled chicken wrap, charro beans.

Thursday—Spaghetti and meat sauce, corn dog, crispy Caesar salad, peas and carrots.

Friday—Cheese quesadilla, hamburger, tuna salad sandwich.

Junior High Lunch

Milk, fruit and vegetable bar served daily.

Monday—No school.

Tuesday—Beef teriyaki dippers, chicken fried steak, Italian salad, Italian sub, mashed potatoes.

Wednesday— Beef shepherd’s pie, nacho supreme, Mandarin chicken salad, deli stacker sandwich, Southwestern corn.

Thursday—Chicken Alfredo, chicken noodle soup, chef salad, turkey and cheese, peas and carrots.

Friday— Beef stew, fish treasures, garden salad, chicken salad sandwich, mashed potatoes.

High School Lunch

Milk, fruit and vegetable bar served daily.

Monday—No school.

Tuesday—Chicken fried steak, beef stir fry, pepperoni and jalapeƱo pizza, barbecue chicken sub, Italian salad, mashed potatoes.

Wednesday— Vegetable lasagna, beef enchilada casserole, sausage pizza, chicken Parmesan sub, Mandarin chicken salad, Southwestern corn.

Thursday— Chicken Alfredo, orange glazed chicken, barbecue chicken pizza, turkey pesto sub, chef salad, peas and carrots.

Friday— Beef stew, fish and cornbread, supreme pizza, meatball sub, garden salad, charro beans.



Fruit, juice, milk, bottled water, chips, cookies, yogurt and ice cream offered daily.

Monday—Oatmeal, cereal.


Wednesday—Chicken biscuit.

Thursday—Yogurt, cereal.



Milk, vegetables, fruit, bottled water, juice, chips, cookies, yogurt and ice cream offered daily.

Monday— Sloppy Joes, thin crust whole-grain pizza.

Tuesday— Popcorn chicken, steak fingers.

Wednesday—Beef taco, chicken fajita.

Thursday—Lasagna, Hot Pocket.

Friday—Sub sandwich.



Fruit, juice, and milk served daily.

Monday—Chicken biscuit.

Tuesday—Breakfast pizza.

Wednesday—Scrambled eggs, biscuit.

Thursday—Biscuit, sausage.

Friday—Chocolate muffin, yogurt.


Milk served daily.

Monday—Pork riblet on deli roll, pork and beans, romaine and tomato salad, mandarin oranges.

Tuesday—Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, mustard greens, roll, pears.

Wednesday— Corn dog, steamed broccoli, baby carrots, peaches milk.

Thursday—Breaded chicken breast, sweet potatoes, green beans, graham crackers, mixed fruit.

Friday—Cheeseburger, lettuce, tomato, pickle, broccoli, apple.



Cereal, toast, jelly, juice, milk and fruit served daily.

Monday—Yogurt, sausage patty.

Tuesday—Breakfast pizza.


Thursday—Oatmeal, sausage patty.

Friday—Cinnamon toast, little smokies.


Fruit, baked chips, pickle spear, mayonnaise, mustard and milk offered daily. Chef salads offered daily to sixth, seventh and eighth-grades. Baked potatoes available daily to third through eighth grades.

Monday—Corn dog, Tater Tots, baked beans.

Tuesday—Chicken quesadillas, pinto beans, salad, cookie.

Wednesday—Beef macaroni, cornbread, black-eyed peas.

Thursday— Chicken Alfredo, glazed carrots, bread.

Friday—Cheeseburger, fries, lettuce and tomato.

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