County lists 10 top taxpayers for 2012
David Barkemeyer
Milam County Judge

A t the January commissioners court meeting, Craig Morgan from the law firm of McCreary, Veselka, Bragg, and Allen, that is in charge of delinquent tax collection for Milam County, reported that as of Dec. 31, 2012. 98.9% or $10,523,864 of ad valorem taxes had been collected.

Actually if you count all the penalties and interest that everyone paid along with delinquent taxes owed and collected from previous years, the total collected comes to over $10.8 million or almost 102% of levy.

And for the rest of the story (as Paul Harvey used to say), if you count all the taxes collected by the Milam County Tax Office because they collect for our four towns, six school districts, and two watersheds as well which totaled over $23 million, we Milam County tax payers paid in over $34 million last year!

Once again, all I know to say to you is thank you. And thank you for being on time.

I’m sure I can say the same thing for the other entities as well, but for Milam County alone a total of only $118,487 was delinquent at the end of the year, just over 1%, and for the previous year only $31,124 still remains unpaid, that’s remarkable.

Craig reported that they filed 350 tax suits on the county’s behalf last year, recovered 177 judgments, and posted 99 foreclosed properties for sale.

That’s not very many considering that we have some 28,000 property accounts in Milam County. It is true that we have them aggressively pursue those that do not pay their taxes, but I feel that this is only fair to those of you that pay taxes like you’re supposed to.

We try to be considerate of those that are having financial problems, also we are one of the few counties that offer the split payment option to make it as easy as possible for folks to pay their taxes, with foreclosure used as a last resort.

For those of you that are interested, the last report that I made to you regarding tax collections was on Nov. 30, 2011.

This article titled ”Ad Valorem Taxes” can be found on the web site at under Past County Judge’s Reports.

The only major difference is that total county ad valorem taxes collected are down from the previous year by about a million, primarily due to the Luminant settlement, otherwise performance levels are similar.

As I’ve reported to you several times, Luminant is the major player in the county (as well as in the Rockdale School District) paying over 36% ($3.76 million) of the total county ad valorem tax bill.

In fact the top 10 county taxpayers are all industrial/commercial accounts. Our county tax collector Kolette Morgan informed me that those 10 county taxpayers (which includes Luminant as the No. 1 taxpayer) pay almost half ($4.92 million or 47%)of our $10.5 million total county taxes.

In addit ion to Luminant, they include Oncor Electric that paid $263,000 in county taxes, Anadarko Petroleum ($252,000), Alcoa ($213,000), BNSF Railroad ($133,000), Union Pacific Railroad ($112,000), Charlotte Pipe ($63,000), SW Bell ($44,000), Connell Finance($42,000), and Saxon Drilling ($31,000), all rounded to the nearest thousand dollars.

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