Baby sister Janie made a beautiful bride
Marie Bakken

Well my parents finally did it...they got all five of my siblings and I married off—the last one this weekend as my baby sister Janie married her fiancé Siamack in a gorgeous wedding at Safari Texas in Richmond.

She made a beautiful bride and she nor her new husband could stop smiling all night. We were all smiles for the happy couple, well, at least most of the time I was smiling.

The weekend had been very busy getting things together and as I was serving as matron-ofhonor there was really no time to sit and reflect on the true meaning of the occasion.

The rehearsal was Friday evening and quite interesting. We only had an hour at the venue so things were rushed. It didn’t help that we started just a tad bit late because there was peacock poop to clean up in the chapel building— yes, peacock poop.

Safari Texas has several live peacocks roaming the estate and someone had left the doors to the chapel building open and the peacocks had left a special wedding present for the soon-tobe newlyweds right on the stage where they were to stand. It was just too funny.

Once things got started the rehearsal went smoothly and then it was on to rehearsal dinner at Rudy’s BBQ in Katy. It was about a 20 minute ride, but took more like 40 with the Houston area traffic. Not something our country folk in Milam County drive in too much.

The comment was made to our father Claude about how bumpy the ride was. He said he didn’t feel them because it felt like they were “flying.” He had rode with Janie and she inherited her lead foot from our older siblings.

After a wonderful barbecue dinner it was back to the hotel to sleep, so I thought.

Instead, I was summoned down to the bride’s room, along with my daughter Hannah, nieces Hayleigh and Keely and another bridesmaid Lisa to finish up some last minute things. Somehow we ended up dancing to N’Sync songs. Just like Janie and I used to do at home—good memories.

As the wedding day sun dawned it was time to finish decorations at the venue, get our hair and make-up done and get the bride ready to walk down the aisle. The day went by very quickly.

When it was time to take my spot to walk down the isle the bottled up emotions of the event hit me. Memories of playing Barbies and singing in our rooms flashed back to me.

I tried to smile as I walked down the isle but as I got to the front to stand by our brother Chad who performed the ceremony, I just burst into tears—happy tears. My baby sister was getting married!

It was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was amazing with great food and even better music. The room was filled people who loved them both so much.

The Lagrone family proudly gained a new member over the weekend with the addition of my new brother-in-law Siamack. I wish them many blessings on their new adventure together.

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