Spring means its time to make your college choice

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes time for seniors and juniors to make some important decisions and prepare for life after high school.

SENIORS—If you are a senior, the time to make the important decision of which college to attend (if you haven’t already) is growing closer. In April, many colleges and universities begin sending offer letters to students who have been accepted for their incoming freshman class.

Offer letters list the cost of tuition and fees plus the amount of financial aid available (for those who have applied for it) through the school.

If you are accepted at more than one institution, you can compare financial aid offers and accept the offer that best suits you. Remember, a college education is a valuable investment in your future, regardless of which school you choose to attend.

You can access helpful articles and information on choosing a college on the ACT web page, The National Center for Education Statistics also provides a quick and easy way to research the costs of any given school you might be considering. You can check it out on the NCES website.

Be sure to keep the lines of communication open with all of the schools that have extended an offer to you. Once you decide, let them all know of your decision. JUNIORS—If you are a junior, you should strongly consider taking the ACT Test in the spring, if you haven’t already. National ACT test dates are available each April and June.

Most colleges require or recommend that students submit test scores as part of the admission application process. All four-year colleges and universities across the country accept ACT scores.

There are definite advantages to taking the ACT in your junior year.

You’ll have your ACT score report in time to help you plan your senior year course schedule. You may decide to take an additional class to improve your skills and knowledge in an area of weakness, so you’ll be better prepared to succeed after graduation.

The ACT Test was designed to help students, parents and educators see where students need to improve academically to be ready to meet their future goals.

If you choose to participate in ACT’s free Educational Opportunity Service, colleges will have time to contact you during the summer before your senior year, when many of them are sending information about academic programs, scholarships, and campus life to prospective students.

You’ll have time to take the ACT again after improving your knowledge and skills if your scores are lower than you’d like.

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