Don’t turn Rockdale into another place

Dear editor,

As a lifelong resident of Rockdale, I am proud of the efforts of the efforts of the last few years to tidy up the city and “Visine” out the eyesores.

I would like to add some thoughts that I feel speak for a lot of us old timers.

You can look all over this country and see how people migrated down to the southern states and tried to make them feel like home.

Look how Florida has more zoning laws than the entire Eastern Seaboard, or how people moving to Arizona have planted lawns and trees native to their previous homes and now allergies are as bad in the desert and in the Texas Hill Country.

Do not move here to Rockdale and tell us what kind of building we can put on the lot behind our house, what day and hours to set out our trash cans or how many inches tall our grass can be.

If you want to make Rockdale look like where you came from, do us all a favor and move back.

Again I am not against all changes and improvements, but common sense will tell you when it goes too far.

Thanks for listening.

Tom Guthrie

713 Vogel


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